ENROLL NOW! New Year Body Boost Session
Prep Week: January 8- 15th

Program runs: Monday January 16 – February 5

21-Day Body Reboot

We show you how to lose weight and indulge without guilt, one weekend at a time!

Take off those last 10 pounds - and more! - and keep them off.

Even while going wild on the weekends.

Is this really possible? You bet!
Let us show you how.


Customized to slim you down and pep you up.
(without cramping your style)

Pasta in cream sauce? What? Doesn’t it make you nuts to watch other people eat all your dream foods, while you push away the bread basket, the brownie and the chips, and still struggle endlessly to get down to (and stay at) your perfect weight?

That ends now. With us.

We’re Tammy and Lyssie, The Nutrition Twins,
registered dietitian nutritionists, certified personal trainers and fitness coaches.

We believe that everyone can be happier by leading a healthy lifestyle and we’ve created the jump-start to get you there, along with a personalized plan to help keep you there for good.

We want you to enjoy the food you eat, and eat the foods you enjoy, while rebooting your body and learning to lose weight permanently so you can always feel great.

  • Struggle to lose weight?
  • Have a hard time maintaining weight loss after all your hard work?
  • Wish you could be in control of your eating?
  • Want to feel lighter and more energetic throughout the day?
  • Feel like you have to give up your favorite foods to lose weight?
  • Wonder if you really have to feel hungry in order to reach your goals?


It’s about eating satisfying, nourishing foods and feeling energized

This Personalized Program Is A Good Fit For You If:

  • You want instant relief to feel lighter and less bloated-and not just for the moment.
  • You struggle to balance a healthy lifestyle with indulging.
  • You feel discouraged and frustrated and wonder if you’ll have to deal with this your whole life.
  • You want to break unhealthy eating cycles for good.
  • You want to know how to recharge your body and feel more energetic every day.


You’ve tried every diet, bought every book and late-night-infomercial workout gadget under the sun…

…but never stuck with the plan or couldn’t keep the weight off once you lost it.

It’s not your fault. If you think nothing works for you, that you’re born to be heavier than you want, and that you failed at those plans, that’s not true.

Those plans failed you.

21-Day Body Reboot

We teach you to conquer your personal eating struggles so you can feel slim and empowered for good. And we help you to amp up your current exercise (or non-exercise) plan.

You’ll immediately:

  • Shed Fat
  • Feel Lighter and More Energized
  • Flush Toxins and Overindulgences
  • Start Resetting Your Taste Buds
  • Jump-start Your Healthy Lifestyle and Body
21-Day Body Reboot





  • Based on your weight and activity, each week you’ll follow a new menu plan, including easy-to-make, cleansing drinks.
  • You have the option to follow the menus exactly, so there’s no guesswork.
  • Or you can follow specific guidelines. Don’t worry; we keep it simple —(We give you the amount of protein, veggies, etc., at each meal, in case you would like to make substitutions).
  • You’ll receive expert advice to amp up the exercise you’re currently doing and to match your fitness level!



  • Just as you’re craving a little more flexibility, your personalized plan introduces some freedom to your week!
  • You get personalized guidelines and game-changing tricks all based on your specific eating patterns and favorite dream-foods, so you can go wild while still shedding weight.
  • New weekly goals are specific to you and include strategies to conquer your personal eating struggles.
  • You’ll learn how to let loose around food and how to easily reel in bad eating habits, so they never catch up with you days or weeks later.
  • After 21 days, you’ll master balancing indulgences with losing weight, while being healthy and feeling energetic.
21-Day Body Reboot

(and your Prep Week) ROLL OUT:

Get Ready!

January 8-15


for success one week before your reboot starts.
You’ll feel excited, happy, and empowered.
Over the 7 days, you’ll get program basics to
ensure you’re prepared for your successful reboot!


January 16-22


to lose weight faster

You'll feel lighter and less bloated. You'll have more energy and you'll feel happy to be in control of your food choices and your health.

In 1-3 days: You'll feel lighter, have more energy, flush bloat and release puffiness.

In 5 days: You'll feel liberated and you'll know how to eat to feel satiated and to lose weight.

In 7 days: You'll lose 1-5 pounds or more*

(*most people will lose 2 or more)


January 23-29


to increase energy, so it feels easy and you keep going.

You'll feel even lighter, stronger and healthier as you boost your body's defense against toxins, helping it to flush pollutants. And you're eating the foods you crave, without any guilt.

In 14 days: You'll feel confident about balancing weekend indulgences with daily healthy habits, all while losing fat. And you'll lose 2-8+ pounds.*

(*most people will lose 4 or more)


January 30-February 5


to boost your immune system, and make you a fat-burning powerhouse.

You'll reset your taste buds and squash uncontrollable cravings. You'll feel empowered and motivated to move forward.

You'll have lost 4-15 pounds.* Bloat and puffiness will be gone and your clothes will feel roomier and cover your body more seamlessly. You will have rejuvenated your cells, and you'll feel lighter, more energetic, and in control of your weight and your life.

(*most people will lose 5 or more)

By the end of the 21 days, you’ll:

  • Know how to eat to feel full, absorb more nutrients, and lose weight without a struggle.
  • Completely rewire how you think about eating so you can enjoy fun, social outings without sabotaging your weight-loss plans.
  • Have confidence in yourself, knowing that you can fully indulge in your favorite foods and then reel it back in and stay on track.

You’ll get:

  • A detailed guidebook including:

• the ins-and-outs of the program
• what foods to eat and why
• guidelines for getting the best results
• easy ways to make the most of the strategies behind the plan
• how to reset your taste buds
• strategies for blasting fat
• the benefits behind superstar foods/ingredients
• recipes for our nutrient-packed Clean-Tox Drinks and information on how they cleanse and detoxify your system while helping you lose weight.
• tips to help make your 21-Day Body Reboot™ as successful as possible

  • Menu plans with recipes, including what to eat if you can’t follow the menu
  • An individualized eating plan based on your eating habits (your strengths and challenges), plus strategies to conquer your personal eating struggles
  • Doable exercise guidance based on your current level of fitness
  • Handouts for success, including dining out while losing weight, important spice swaps, detox drinks, and more
  • 24/7 support in Private Body Reboot Squad Facebook Group

• This page is so much fun! You can support other “Body Rebooters,” share recipes, strategies, and more! (Past 21- Day Body Reboot™ Squad members who were active in this group experienced the greatest weight loss!)

21-Day Body Reboot
21-Day Body Reboot


OUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We have poured our hearts into building the 21-Day Body Reboot, a program that is designed to help you transform your body and reshape your life. We are so confident that if you fully participate, you will benefit from the principles we teach, and so we provide a 100% money-back guarantee.