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Mexican Eggs-in-a-Mug

By now, you likely know that we’re veggie-loving, twin sisters who also are registered dietitians and personal trainers (with a big ‘ole sweet tooth!)—and that we’re quite the #MeatlessMonday supporters. Given that we eat– and tout the benefits of a plant-based diet, we love how practical and savvy Meatless Monday is. After all, going meat-free […]

Anytime, Anywhere 90-Second Muscle Toner & Metabolism Booster

Get a workout in 90-seconds! Fast, easy, effective way to tone muscles– strengthen you legs, abs, chest, arms and back and burn calories. It will wake up your entire body! Our first iMovie attempt– we’re working on improvement! 🙂   Love this calorie blaster–Repeat 3 times to increase the burn! The Nutrition Twins Toner & […]