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Why a Weight Loss Plateau is A Good Thing

As registered dietitians and personal trainers for over fifteen years, these twin sisters have seen our share of weight loss plateaus.  And while we’re well aware that a weight loss plateau is a good thing, we’ve seen how destructive and deflating it can be when someone hits one and doesn’t realize the benefits of a […]

Sweet Potato Nachos

A calorie bomb of greasy chips smothered in cheese …not exactly what you’d expect to get from these veggie loving, registered dietitians and personal trainer twin sisters (who just happen to have a sweet tooth), now is it? Thank goodness, you’re (partially 😉 ) right about that. While this may taste like the real deal, […]

Zesty & Savory Succotash

When we entered our freshman year of college we already knew what we wanted to do as career—become registered dietitian nutritionists, and possibly with a minor in kinesiology (the study of movement). This was the during same time that we were dabbling with vegetarianism and just as the dining hall food was turning us off […]

Speedy Skinny Cranberry Almond Cookies

These yumsters were created as part of a winter-holiday inspired recipe challenge.  Our sweet tooth wanted “in” but our jammed-packed schedules and our hopes of keeping our waistline in tact wanted “out”.  And guess which won?  Both of them!!  Yahoo!! By now you likely know that as identical, veggie-loving, registered dietitians, personal trainer twin sisters […]