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Zesty & Savory Succotash

When we entered our freshman year of college we already knew what we wanted to do as career—become registered dietitian nutritionists, and possibly with a minor in kinesiology (the study of movement). This was the during same time that we were dabbling with vegetarianism and just as the dining hall food was turning us off […]

Speedy Skinny Cranberry Almond Cookies

These yumsters were created as part of a winter-holiday inspired recipe challenge.  Our sweet tooth wanted “in” but our jammed-packed schedules and our hopes of keeping our waistline in tact wanted “out”.  And guess which won?  Both of them!!  Yahoo!! By now you likely know that as identical, veggie-loving, registered dietitians, personal trainer twin sisters […]

Pumpkin Pie Oat Breakfast Muffins

Pinch us, these twin sisters who are registered dietitians and personal trainers with a sweet tooth must be dreaming! Pumpkin pie for breakfast?!… without guilt or regrets?!  You bet!  These healthy breakfast muffins prevent all excuses to skip breakfast.  Most people tell us that when they skip breakfast it’s either because they don’t have time […]

Pomegranate Green Goddess Smoothie

What’s the number one question you’ve been asking us about smoothies? You wanna know how to seamlessly get veggies into smoothies when you’ve been dabbling with fruits, seeds, almond milk, etc. As registered dietitians, and authors of our most recent book, The Nutrition Twins Veggie Cure, you can imagine how excited we are that you’re […]

Eat More to Weigh Less, Really!

If you’re like most of our clients, you’re looking for something you can eat when you’re hungry that won’t cause you to gain weight.  The answer, surprisingly, is something that you can and should eat all of the time.  It’s true; there actually is something that if you eat more of it, it can assist […]