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Grilled Bananas!

BANANAS ON THE BBQ! This is a perfect, and not to mention healthy, dessert for the whole family to enjoy! After your healthy BBQ meal, while the grill is dying down, place as many bananas as needed, still wrapped in their skins, and wrapped in tin foil on the grill for about 10 minutes. Then, […]

Grilled Asparagus- On the BBQ!

This is one of our favorite sides (and Mom’s favorite veggie!) to make on the BBQ. Plus, it’s super easy! 1. Simply take a bundle of asparagus and wash it. 2. Trim the bottom of the asparagus. 3. Toss asparagus in a teaspoon of olive oil and pepper. 4. Grill on the BBQ for about […]

Lemon Salmon

Fire Up Your Barbecue for Lemon Salmon! This recipe is quick and easy and even simple to make if you’ve never cooked fish before. Give it a try, it’s a cinch! Even if you’ve never cooked fish before, this recipe couldn’t Place a piece of salmon on a sheet of tin foil big enough to […]

BBQ Veggie Kebobs

Summer is almost here, and Tammy and I are so excited to start barbecuing! Living in NYC, we often have to go to our parents and in-laws to have a true BBQ. But we love making a tasty BBQ for dinner for the entire family! Tune in everyday for the next four days to see […]

Alcoholic Beverages, Memorial Day Weekend

The Real Buzz Kill? The Real Diet Doozy this Memorial Day weekend… Alcohol! Alcohol is a double doozy because it increases hunger AND it lowers inhibitions. Yikes! So it makes us want to eat more while it also makes us care less about doing it. This definitely is not a good combination when we’re around […]

Can’t Control Your Cravings?

Do you suffer from cravings that you feel like you can’t control? If you’re craving a cupcake, visualize yourself eating that cupcake and your craving will go away. Can you believe it?! We can– we, for two, actually tried it– and it works… sometimes… And new studies prove it works. You can actually trick your […]