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Frozen Veggies, The Solution for Brown Produce

It’s summer and no one wants to spend all day shopping for dinner! When you’re busy, it’s difficult to always have fresh produce in the fridge. And sometimes, after a day or two, that spinach you bought is wilted and the broccoli’s brown! What’s the solution? We always keep family-sized bags of frozen vegetables in […]

Quick, Easy, Protein-packed breakfast

Feeling sluggish by lunchtime? You may not be giving your body enough fuel in the morning! We’ve said it before—breakfast is just as important as your other meals, and you need to make sure you’re giving yourself sufficient energy to get through your busy day. We love these oat pancakes, made with heart-healthy rolled oats […]

Gnu Bar Sweepstakes

Gnu is one of our favorite health bars and they’re running a sweepstakes! Every flavor is delicious and has 12 grams of fiber! The Gnu YOU! Sweepstakes. The lucky winners will win a free year’s supply of Gnu Bars and a Gnu Foods’ Prize Pack. Check it out here: http://www.facebook.com/GnuFoods?sk=app_28134323652 Good luck!

Low Glycemic Load

Have you ever eaten a meal and felt ravenous after only an hour? A fast metabolism is one thing, but there’s got to be another reason why you’re famished in the time it takes to do the dishes. What we eat does determine how quickly we feel hungry again and how long it takes before […]

Snack Attack! Making Better Choices

Snacking gets a bad rap. But it shouldn’t! When we make smart decisions, snacks fend off hunger, reduce portion sizes at regular meals, and keep our metabolism running full speed ahead. We know it’s easy to fall prey to clever advertising and marketing campaigns that lead us to believe that candy bars, chips, cookies, and […]