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The Dieter’s Secret Weapon

If you think that weight loss is all about cutting foods out, you’re missing a big part of the picture. Eating more of certain foods can actually help you to lose weight! Grandma called our secret weapon roughage, and you may know it as Mother Nature’s pipe cleaner, however, it is now being called The […]

Kutoa Health Bars: Helping Youth In Need

So proud to be friends with the Kutoa Health Bar Team! Not only do they make delicious, energy-revving and nutritious bars, they also help kids in need! There’s nothing as invigorating as giving back to the community. Look at what Kutoa Health Bars are doing. Talk about doing something to feel good and to boost […]

Weekend Workout

Weekend Workout It’s a holiday weekend (YES!), which means an extra day to squeeze in a less- rushed workout! Don’t turn this extra time into a lazy day; use it to feel healthy. happy and energized. Nothing helps you to accomplish these things like a good workout. Take the day to push yourself that extra […]

Twice Baked, Twice as Smart Recipe Photo Contest

We ‘re excited to be working with the Unitied States Potato Bo ard (USPB) on an easy-to-enter Twice Baked, Twice as Smart recipe photo contest in which you could win $500 and a signed copy of our book, The Secret to Skinny! You can enter on our Facebook page by clicking the “Photo Contest” tab, […]