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Featured Reader: Debi Unger

Debi Unger describes her transformation… Body Transformation: Height: 5’ 3 ½” Size: Before: Between 4 and 6. After following Fire Up Your Metabolism: 0 or 1. BEFORE Photo Weight: Before: 138 After: 116 AFTER Photo What Debi Did I found out that my scale had been wrong and I was really ten pounds heavier than […]


The Secret To Skinny by The Nutrition Twins® Tammy Lakotos Shames, R.D. and Lyssie Lakotos, R.D. The Nutrition Twins® have helped hundreds of clients lose weight, eliminate bloating, and tone up for good on their salt-slashing program—with the side benefits of reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Simple and effective, their 4-week diet is built […]