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Frozen Banana Chocolate Bites

  By now you know that we’re girls who mean business when it comes to our sweets. 🙂  Although we do eat a well-balanced, wholesome diet, we are NOT girls who pass on a daily treat!  In fact, if we skip a daily indulgence, well, that means we’re probably fighting the flu or sick in […]

5-Ingredient Microwave Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Yesterday, it happened… While as identical twin sisters we pride ourselves in both being veggie-loving, registered dietitians and personal trainers who have an identical love for chocolate (plus a thang for sweets 😉 that we work hard to keep from getting the best of us—and from you), we also pride ourselves in having […]

Skinny Chocolate Chunky Cookies

If you’ve spent much time on our site you know we’re veggie-loving twin sisters, registered dietitians and personal trainers and we have a thang for sweets. And if you’re new to our site, welcome to the place where we dish out the delicious, waistline friendly sweets and we take ‘em (you better believe we eat […]