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Creamy Peppermint Patty Smoothie

It’s no joke.  These veggie-loving registered dietitians have a serious sweet tooth.  We work hard to keep them in check and we’re always concocting different creations that tantalize the taste buds without putting health and waistlines at risk.  This lil’ number was inspired by our love of Peppermint patty’s, which we pretty much only used […]

Purple Power Protein Smoothie

If you’ve spent time on our site, you probably know that we’re quite religious about eating as soon as we can after our daily workout.  After all, the word “hangry” wasn’t coined for nothing—and we’re no stranger to it—if we don’t eat soon after a training session, things can get pretty ugly. 🙂 Lyssie doesn’t […]

Download Your Free Avocado e-Recipe Book!

If you’ve read our blog, you know that we’re girls who love our avocados!  We’ve whipped them up from everything from chocolate mousse to smoothies– and of course everything in between.  We’re obsessed with the creamy, deliciousness of avocados, and of course as registered dietitians, we love that avocados are superstars when it comes to […]