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Coconut Honey Almonds

As girls who love healthy food, at the same time we love food that packs a satisfying punch. And really, who doesn’t?! 🙂 Most of us can appreciate those foods that are so satisfying that we don’t have to eat mounds of it to feel satiated? A lot of our clients love nuts for this […]

Healthy & Satisfying Cheese, Apple and Egg Bake

If you’ve ever woken up and felt like you could eat 3 breakfasts and still feel hungry, we’ve created this recipe just for you!  As registered dietitians and girls who love satisfying meals ourselves (we’re not strangers to waking up and wanting a super hearty-feeling breakfast), we’re always experimenting with different healthy foods and flavor […]

Easy Tricep Toner

As registered dietitians and personal trainers we hear it all.  Our clients and friends tell us the body parts that they want to shape up and they request simple exercises that will help them achieve their goals.  One of the body parts that our clients seem to find the toughest to tone and that they […]