Nutrition Twins Visit The White House for “Let’s Move!” Campaign


If you’ve read our blog before, by now you know that as registered dietitians and personal trainers, all things health, fitness and nutrition (and family, friends, laughter, broccoli, and of course, chocolate!) are our jam.  So you can only imagine our excitement when we were invited to the White House to join Michelle Obama as she discussed her Let’s Move! campaign, as this is SO up our alley!  Plus, after growing up outside DC and even with our brother currently living less than a mile away from the White House, the closest we ever got to the large white building was on elementary school field trips or exploring the city as we got older– and we’d have to stare across the distance of many football fields and tight security fences just to get a glimpse.



Here’s the rundown of our day– and some neat info we learned about!:

First up, we were so excited to see Michelle Obama’s tweet (@FLOTUS) welcoming us to the White House!  And so honored to be called a leading online influencer!!  Wowzers!!


We are thrilled to welcome leading parenting bloggers and online influencers to the @WhiteHouse today for a conversation on #LetsMove!



After going through many security checks (and one that was airplane style with security belts), we’re on the White House grounds!  How did security let these two crazy huge smiles through? 🙂




Then, we entered the building and took our seats and waited to start.  The chandeliers were breathtaking!  We were trying to figure out how many crystals were on this hot number! We never got a final count– any guesses?



Soon we began, and first we heard from the staff of the First Lady’s team.

We also heard from 3-time Olympic gymnast and fellow University of Marylander and all-around awesome gal, Dominique Dawes (she grew up a few towns over from us!).  One of our fave things she said was that she’s always finding ways to give her kids more veggies– and she has put peas in their ice cream.  Now that’s a new one!


Representatives from Partnership for a Healthier America, USDA, and HHS  shared exciting accomplishments that have been made since the Let’s Move! campaign began in 2010.  Their goals are to foster environments that support healthy choices, work to provide healthier foods in schools, ensure that families have access to healthy, affordable food, and help children to become more physically active. (We love it!)

Here are some of the Let’s Move! program’s impacts so far:

  • More than 30 million kids are now eating healthier school breakfasts and lunches (97% of schools are now meeting the new standards, in fact)
  • More than 4,000 Let’s Move! salad bars have been installed in schools, reaching more than 2 million kids
  • Nearly 80 million people (1 in 4 Americans!) now live in a Let’s Move! city, town, or county where kids can walk to school on new sidewalks, participate in summer meal programs, and join athletic leagues
  • Over 10 million kids attend Let’s Move! active schools where they strive for 60 minutes of physical activity per day
    1.6 million kids are now attending healthier daycare centers where fruits and veggies have replaced cookies and juice, thanks to Let’s Move! Child Care initiatives
  • Thousands of chain restaurants have created healthier kids’ menus, and food and beverage companies have cut 6.4 trillion calories from their products
  • Families are getting active in our national parks through the Let’s Move! Outside initiative – did you know that 4th graders can get a free entry pass for themselves and their families to more than 2,000 federally managed lands/waters nationwide? (Check out for more info!)


After a fun cooking demonstration from Cris Comerford, the White House Executive Chef and a Physical Activity Break (which of course we are all about!), there she was… the First Lady!!  Inspirational! #FLOTUS



Then off to our tour and some fun in the White House…


Apparently the White House library is filled with nothing but bad lighting and shadows. Oh, yeah, and a few books. 🙂



Barbara Walters said there was one thing she stole from the White House — the disposable bathroom hand towel!  We had to do the same!



Next we had to have our moment with Abe Lincoln.  The dude is SO serious!




Well H-E-L-L-O West Wing!



And perhaps one of our fave highlights? A visit to the White House Kitchen Garden.  We’ve always dreamed of having our own garden and this one, well, it’s certainly dream-worthy! And yes, you better believe that with Lyssie’s rather ‘unique’ kale love obsession ;), it took everything in her power not to pluck it straight from the White House lawn and run for the hills! 😉  #CaughtInTheAct

NT_kale_white_house_kitchen_gardenThe ground was a bit wet from rain the day before and our entire heels of our shoes were coated in mud–yes, the entire heel! And now we ask ourselves why we didn’t let the mud dry on there and save some White House mud, ya know?! 😉


A HUGE thank you to Babble as well as Michelle Obama and her staffers for making this event so incredible for us!!


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Sure we’re registered dietitians, personal trainers and veggie lovers, but that doesn’t mean we don’t also have a thang for sweet tasting food! Ha!–if only!  In fact, one of our favorite indulgences is chocolate.   In the past, we’ve shared our personal favorite chocolate treats and the secrets as to how to enjoy them– all while getting healthy and achieving your fat loss goals.   And of course, we’ve also got delicious chocolate waistline-friendly chocolate indulgences (like our Chocolate Covered Strawberries, our Chocolate Avocado Mousse and our Microwave Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies) for those times when you want to indulge without going for the heavier deal.  Here, below we share one of our favorite chocolate replacements that is super easy and fun. Try it out when you want a chocolate stand-in and check our more of our tips on






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Serves 1


1 medjool date (if your date isn’t sticky, chop it into pieces)

1 teaspoon cacao powder


Roll date in Cacao powder and enjoy!


A Great Chocolate Alternative - #AskTheTwins
Serves: 1
  • 1 medjool date
  • 1 teaspoon cacao powder
  1. Roll date in Cacao powder and enjoy!


Salt Shakers on the Menu? The Nutrition Twins on Your World With Neil Cavuto

As many of you know, we are honored to be frequent guests on Your World with Neil Cavuto.  Neil is witty and always makes the segments so much fun– and there’s always something interesting that goes on with him behind the scenes. This appearance was no exception (see the bottom of this blog for a full explanation and for the real reason we brought Neil the carrots!)!



Here are a few things that we planned to tell Neil about salt’s effect on the body and why we’d be thrilled if the proposed legislation to put a “salt shaker” symbol next to  menu items at chain restaurants that have a full day’s worth of sodium become mandatory.  Plus, our clients and other diners will be more confident in their dining choices when they are made aware of the options that are the highest in sodium!

We’d let Neil know that salt:

  • raises risk of heart disease
  • increases risk of heart attack & stroke. (High blood pressure is a leading cause of cardiovascular disease. It accounts for two-thirds of all strokes and half of heart disease.)
  • makes every inflammatory condition worse—so if you have arthritis, salt will ultimately put more pressure on the joints
  • …and this is just the beginning!


Other important points:

  • The body likes salt in a certain concentration, and when we get too much salt, our body responds by trying to dilute the salt.
  • So we hold on to water to dilute it. We become a bigger person- as we hold on to salt/water, blood volume increases and we start to swell.
  • As our blood volume increases, our heart has to pump harder to keep it moving through our veins and arteries, leading to high blood pressure.
  • Over time, the extra work and pressure can stiffen blood vessels, also leading to high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke… (Check out these Salt Stand-Ins and a few of our Flushing Drinks, and  Detox Drinks which help to counteract salt and flush bloat).


And we’d also tell him that those who aren’t motivated to cut salt for their health can be motivated by their vanity:

When you eat salt, you become bigger and more bloated—and we’re right in the heart of beach season. NO one wants that. So seeing this salt shaker on the menu may be a good reminder to help to steer clear of certain foods!

    Most people don’t want to leave a restaurant feeling bloated and knowing they’ll have puffy bags under their eyes.


But there’s good news! (this is where the carrots that we brought Neil come in!):

For everything salt does to the body, potassium does the equal and opposite things!

High salt intake increases blood pressure, which can lead to heart disease, while high potassium intake can help relax blood vessels and excrete the sodium and decrease blood pressure!

  • Simply eat more fresh vegetables and fruits!   These are naturally high in potassium and low in sodium—and eat less bread, cheese, and processed meat, as these and other processed foods are high in sodium and low in potassium–and be healthier AND less bloated! 🙂

#1 Eating out Rule we give our clients: Have a veggie pre-meal before going to dinner–or on your way there.  Veggies fill you up with nutrients, like potassium, fiber and very few calories.  You’ll avoid arriving at the meal ravenous, be able to make a rationale decision about what you’ll eat…and you’ll eat less of the heavy stuff.  Plus, you’ll have an edge against sodium”


So after giving Neil this information, we didn’t want to send him out to the wolves for dinner without giving him carrots to help fight sodium and prevent overeating!  So that’s why we brought them!

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As for the commotion right before we went live on air…

Just as we hear the the producer say “…and you’re LIVE in 3, 2, 1…”.  We hear a loud SPLAT!  Yep, the big bag of carrots on Lyssie’s lap hit the floor like lead… and as Lyssie struggled to pick them up off the ground without the camera noticing the disappearing act of one of The Nutrition Twins, Tammy frantically repeated several times, “hurry, hurry, we’re live, pick them up, pick them up, hurry!!

So Neil, being the pro that he is, was able to keep the conversation on him for a moment longer so that the camera would be on him!  And that’s where you’ll see the video.

If you’re wondering why we snuck the carrots onto the set in the first place was so that Neil couldn’t see them and ask about them before we got to explain why they were there.  So Lyssie set them on the chair beside her, so they were hidden under the black table.  She would have placed them on her lap but they were a bit cold and wet, so she tried to fit them on the chair–she had to hang off the chair to fit the carrots on.  Apparently, the carrots were hanging off the chair, too- oy! 🙂

The video shows segment –starting with the scene immediately following the carrots smashing on the floor… below the video you’ll see how we envisioned it going down:

Psst…we never got to tell Neil the real reason we brought him the carrots!





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