Easy Shoulder Exercise — Tone & Tighten At Home, No Equipment Needed

This exercise is so easy, yet so effective! Tammy does it when she doesn’t have time to get to the gym but needs to get those shoulders strong and looking tank-top ready! 😉 Watch the short video to see just how simple this exercise is!

And to get those tough-to-tone triceps (wow, that’s a tongue twister!) ready to go sleeveless, try this triangle push up!  You’ll strengthen and tone your chest, back and abs while you’re at it!

Lastly, to get bangin’ biceps so every part of your arms looks fab, try this bicep curl with tubing.


The cool part about this exercise is you don’t need any equipment at all!  It’s great when you’re in your traveling and in your hotel room or when you’re watching TV.  You can start practicing the exercise by doing it during the commercials.  When you feel the burn you know it’s working!

The Glute Bridge with Variations- for a perkier butt!

A fitness tip to ignore:  Go big or go home!

Think smaller workouts don’t count?! They do!!
Check this out …it helps us even on our laziest of days.  And this Lazy Day Butt Toner is one you can even do in your bed, so no excuses not to do it! 🙂

The Glute Bridge with Variations- for a perkier bootay!  Watch the video above or read below for a few pointers to make the most of this at-home exercise.




A few pointers:

As you lift and squeeze and with each movement remember to:

  • Squeeze your abs tight and focus on using your ab muscles to pull your belly button towards your back
  • Press the ground through your heels
  • Contract your glutes and feel the tension all the way down in your hamstrings as you squeeze
  • Keep both shoulder blades on the floor


Hello, sexy booty! 😉

Squat With A Side Kick For Toned Outer Thighs

Buh Bye Saddlebags!  This is a amazing Saddlebag Blaster — No Equipment Needed!  You can get toned in minutes and at home! 🙂

Simply, squat, stand and kick, squat, stand and kick! See below.  (Watch the video or see below).


1. Squat



2. Stand and Kick




3.  Squat


4. Stand and Kick (other leg).  repeat 10-20 times alternating with each leg.  Take a break and do two more sets.  Feel the burn–oh yeah! 🙂


An Easy Exercise for Great Glutes

Reverse Lunge with Knee Lift

Beautify and Gluti-fy your Rear-view!

I admit it; I (Lyssie) have become a bit obsessed with bettering my rear-view. It all happened after I had to work on a writing project virtually 24/7 at my desk. I literally felt like my rear end took a hit and was sagging! If you’ve felt this way, I have great news, I quickly turned it around– and you can also with two simple moves! One you can even do anywhere without anyone even knowing!

First, here’s the move you can do even in the grocery store line (I sure have been! 😉 ) :

  1. Simply squeeze your butt cheeks together, hold for three seconds and release for a moment.
  2. Complete 10 Repetitions to wake the glutes up.
  3. Then squeeze one butt cheek at a time holding each just for one second, just to activate the muscles, each on their own.

Now your glutes are warmed up (and you’ll notice they’ll start to be a bit firmer too (woohoo! 🙂 ) and you can try this move below (and above) that Tammy is demonstrating, it’s the ultimate Butt Blaster! 🙂



Reverse Lunge with Knee Lift

Ultimate Booty Blast
Lunge Back Left Leg
Knee Up Left Leg
Repeat 10 times
Switch legs
Complete 3 Sets
Here’s how:

  1. Standing straight with your abs tight and engaged, lunge back with your right leg. Keeping your chest up, allow your left leg to bend until it is 90 degrees (the top of your leg should be parallel with the floor).
  2. Keeping your core engaged, push the ball of your foot into the floor to press yourself back towards standing position as you lift your right knee up to hip-level. Allow your arms to come up as you lift your leg.
  3. Pause for a moment with your right knee bent at 90 degrees and then step back into a lunge with your right leg, again allowing your left knee to bend to 90 degrees.
  4. Repeat this movement for ten repetitions with the right leg lunging. Then switch legs so that your left leg lunges back and the left knee lifts.
  5. Complete 3 sets with each leg.

Do this every other day and kiss buh-bye to a lazy-looking behind!

Thigh Blaster! Easy, At-Home Thigh Toner: No Equipment Needed!


The Nutrition Twins’ Easy, Effective, At-Home Thigh Toner from Tammy Shames on Vimeo.


Thigh Blaster! Easy, At-Home Thigh Toner: No Equipment Needed!

Keep your abs tight as you do this and lean back about 45 degrees.  Squeeze your quadriceps to pull your body forward and back. Complete 20 repetitions, take a short break and do three sets.  Hello Sexy legs, is that you we see sporting Daisy Dukes?! 😉




Reverse Plank with Kick For Sexy, Toned Abs

This is the Reverse Plank with A Kick.  It’s an awesome way to get your abs toned and flat.  You can even do it at home, while you’re watching TV. Oh yeah! Hello Sexy Abs! 😉



Here is the basic position which is still a great ab toner if you decide not to include the kick.  Just be sure to keep your abs tight and pulled in and keep your body in a straight line without letting your butt sag or your hips go too high.


Doing this move regularly makes you look like you’re sucking in your tummy even when you’re not! Oh yeah!  🙂

Oh–and most of you likely know what we do to feel our best and for those of you who asked for more of the smoothies, this is for you! 🙂 In addition to starting our day by exercising and drinking a large glass of water, on days when we want an extra lift, we also have one of our refreshers like our Kale Recharge Smoothie, Sparkling Cucumber and Refresh Detoxer, or we go for one of our smoothies that use the Easiest Way To Get our Greens — or when we feel like we want a fresh start after eating foods that we don’t typically eat, we go for this Apple Cider Vinegar Mint “Detox” Drink, that we just added to our list!


If crunches or sit-ups aren’t working for you and seem to be making your abs pooch out, you may wonder why. (And you’ll especially appreciate this move above!).

Why? Two reasons–1) you may rely on hip flexors more than your abs when you do crunches; this tightens & shortens them, forcing the hips to tilt forward, so your stomach pouches out.  With planks, you focus on your abs, pulling them in and assisting in the flat belly your after.  2) Crunches and sit-ups can build muscle under a layer of fat, making your pants look and feel even tighter.   (sip this throughout

For tips to reduce body fat, read our blog, try our recipes and drink our “detox” drinks like this hot number Slimming Raspberry Mint Detox Spritzer throughout the day and before meals to busts cravings, fight belly bloat and constipation and to  helps you to eat less and lose fat.