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We MUST introduce you to our unbelievable friend, Heather K. Jones. Heather is a registered dietitian (we met in college!), a wellness coach and the founder of Smaller Size Bigger Life, a super successful program designed for women who struggle with emotional eating, overeating, and body image issues.



Heather has a FREE weight loss class available until May 13th and we guarantee that you’ll walk away from this class with actionable tools that you can put to use right away to release your weight loss blocks and drastically change your relationship with food and your body.


During this free weight loss class you’ll discover…


  • The biggest mistake women make when trying to lose weight
  • Why you don’t need willpower to change your eating habits
  • How to end procrastination and stop sabotaging yourself
  • The real reason diets don’t work (and what to do instead)
  • How to overcome emotional eating once and for all


Heather is dedicated to helping people succeed and she will help you transform your mindset about dieting to achieve weight loss freedom … no guilt, shame or self-hate required.  Click here to learn more.


A word from Heather…

Ya know, there’s this crazy idea in the world of weight loss that if we hate ourselves enough, torture ourselves enough, and shame and guilt ourselves enough, that somehow we’ll end up happy, thin and confident. Right?
But this is not the path to happiness.


Because here’s the thing: You CANNOT shame and deprive your way to a happy and healthy life. Even if you lose some weight on a restrictive diet, it doesn’t stick. And it certainly doesn’t make you feel fulfilled or free.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned working as a dietitian in the weight loss industry for the last 20 years (and overcoming my own food struggles), it’s that you cannot solve your body and weight problems with the same hateful mindset that got you here. It just doesn’t work.

Join me for this free class and discover 3 key secrets to success and happiness.


This is an entirely NEW way to lose weight. A kinder, saner and easier way to lose weight.


I’ve not only drastically changed my own life using the simple (yet seriously effective) tools I’m sharing in this free class, I’ve also helped countless clients do the same.


5 Steps To Cleanse Your Body, “Detox” and Recharge

Even as registered dietitians and certified personal trainers, we love a good celebration and having fun as much as anyone, but we’re not gonna lie, we’re a bit relieved that some of the holidays and many of the social gatherings are slowing down a bit so we can all (us included!) get back on track. After all, everyone feels better after losing the extra party LBs, bloat and heaviness that most feel after too much indulgence.


And we’ve got just the tips to get your mind and your body immediately on the healthy train! Remember, during this time, the last thing that you want is something high in calories and heavy; it will only dig you further into a hole. Instead bring an abrupt end to the discomfort from overindulging that you’re feeling (feeling bloating and heaviness anyone?) with wholesome, nutrient-packed foods, i.e., your new besties.


What you really need are foods that are packed with anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants, potassium, water and fiber, but low in calories and sodium. They’ll immediately get your mind and body back on the healthy track as they hydrate you and flood your body with nutrients to help to neutralize damaging particles while flushing out bloating culprits, like salt.


Before we help you to choose those amazing foods, if you really want to kick start your health, we highly recommend also doing these three things:


1. Cut out sugar and artificial sweeteners for a week. The goal is to reset your “sweet” taste buds. By limiting very sweet flavors your taste buds will “reset” themselves as they lower their perception of sweetness. Steer away from sugary drinks, snacks, and treats. Allow fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth—and you’ll be amazed by how well it works! When you go back to sugary foods, you’ll need less sweet flavor to satisfy you. Plus, if you saw our New Year’s Resolution article you know that refined sugars typically add a lot of calories without nutrients, contributing to weight gain—and they also often increase cravings. They seem to weaken the immune system too by reducing your white blood cells’ ability to destroy bacteria.


If you really need something sweet, try foods like these that are naturally sweet (no sugar added!):


o Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream  (140 Calories)



o Comfort Food Reinvented Inside Apple Pie (80 Calories)

o Skinny Homemade Strawberry Mint Ice Cream   (40 Calories)


2. Cut out alcohol. Although generally, a glass of wine can be healthy, while you are cleansing your body, we suggest avoiding it. Not only does it provide calories without nutrients but during the cleanse you’ll be restoring your liver and asking it to detoxify alcohol gives it an extra burden.
3. And for the love of veggies, don’t go on a starvation diet! Diets that are 1,000 calories (and less) simply backfire. They are not sustainable, don’t provide enough nutrients or protein to keep your lean muscle tissue and they are so restrictive that it’s impossible to keep them up for long. When you return to normal eating, you’ve lost muscle—and lowered your metabolism—and weight gain is inevitable! Ahh!


Follow these 5 Steps to Cleanse Your Body:
1. Go for foods that are loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. They help to neutralize toxins and prevent inflammation and damage caused by overdoing it on less-than-healthy toxin-creating foods and drinks. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory foods actually help to revitalize cells (think vegetables, [especially brightly colored, but all work—and the more the better! After all they are 80-90% water and provide potassium and fiber], fruits, beans, fish).
Anti-inflammatory/ Phytonutrient-Packed Recipes:

Colorful Detox Salad: Chockfull of vegetables that mop up free radical damage, this low-calorie salad is great for detoxifying and fighting inflammation


Crispy Cran-Mango Brussels Sprouts: Brussels sprouts are superstars when it comes to fighting damage and inflammation. Cranberries and mangos are phytonutrient powerhouses too.

Veggie Flush Salad: Light and refreshing, beets have nutrients which help detoxify the body by purifying the liver and blood. A powerhouse trio of asparagus, a natural diuretic; fennel, which relieves gastrointestinal ailments to get your tummy feeling flat; and kale, which plays a role in both phases of the liver’s detoxification process, will have you feeling rejuvenated in no time.
• Check out our book The Nutrition Twins’ Veggie Cure for a 10-day Weight Loss Jumpstart and Detox Plan and more than 100 delicious healthy recipes like thisNutrition Twins Veggie Cure


2. Include water and potassium-rich foods (and drinks) that are low in sodium. This is a potent combo that restores normal fluid balance and flushes out bloat and puffiness. Why is this combo so magical? Fluids help to flush out your system while potassium helps to counterbalance sodium. (Go for vegetables [all of them, especially green leafy veggies] and fruits).


Orange-Lime Sparkling Refresher 5 calorie citrus refresher helps to banish bloat and get you feeling light after indulging in heavy holiday foods.


Ginger and Carrot Slim-down Smoothie: Potassium rich cantaloupe and apples round out the phytonutrient-rich ginger and carrots to make this an ideal beverage to restore normal fluid balance

Detoxifying Green Tea Smoothie:  Packed with potassium and water plus phytonutrients to neutralize toxins, this refreshing smoothie is delish.


Apple Cider Vinegar Mint “Detox” Drink: Among many great ingredients that help to flush bloat, it’s got mint–we like to think of it as a peace maker in the body 😉 It eases indigestion and calms the stomach, likely by improving the flow of bile through the stomach, which helps to speed and ease digestion. Thanks in part to it’s anti-inflammatory antioxidant rosmarinic acid, it “calms your insides” to ease the havoc inside your body!

Slimming Raspberry-mint “Detox” Spritzer: Raspberries and lime make this a drink a potassium winner, and at only 8 calories, you can drink it all day long and flush away bloat without the calories adding up!

Lemon Mint “Detox” Drink: Lemon, mint and ginger flood the body with potassium to flush bloat and restore normal hydration status


Skinny Green Smoothie:  Only 61 Calories, add this to your list

Rise & Shine Weight Loss Smoothie:    Only 156 Calories, kick start your day with this

3. Focus on foods packed with fiber; they’re naturally low in calories. Fiber prevents constipation, keeping your regular. After your body extracts nutrients from food, fiber (think all vegetables, fruits, and high-quality carbohydrates like oatmeal, quinoa and beans) helps to rinse out the remains– waste and toxins from your colon to give you a flat stomach.


Chickpea Burgers: Beans are ideal when it comes to boosting fiber; this flavorful burger makes a great fiber rich lunch or dinner.

Chickpea Burger

Slow Cooker Quinoa Chicken Chili: With quinoa, black beans, kidney beans, peppers, and tomatoes, this meal makes a great fiber-rich lunch or dinner to flush wastes out of the body.


Pumpkin Chia Seed Pudding: With fiber powerhouses pumpkin puree and chia seeds, this treat packs in a whopping 17 grams of fiber! Plus, the pumpkin and chia are both great for fighting inflammation with their potent phytonutrients
4. Go for the veggies with especially powerful detox capabilities. Fennel, bok choy, beets and kale are rock stars when it comes to detoxification. They are some of the few foods that play a role in both phases of liver detoxification.


Here are a few recipes to help you get your fill:
Kale, Quinoa and Edamame Superfood Bowl (featuring kale)


Chunky Sweet Potato Kale Chili (super easy, featuring kale)
Spiced Ginger Citrus Quinoa: (featuring fennel):

Beets with Feta and Walnuts: (featuring beets)
5. Sweat yourself clean! Skin is the body’s largest organ, and sweating is a great way to help the body with its’ healthy, natural elimination process. Make a goal to sweat daily since this is one way your body eliminates metabolic breakdown products and excess salt.
Hello Slim & Rejuvenated! 😉


3 Foods to Help You Live Like Jessica Alba

As seen on March 20th, 2013 on:


written by The Nutrition Twins,


You probably know that the gorgeous Jessica Alba has a new book out called The Honest Life: Living Natural and True to You. It covers all aspects of living a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle, from clean eating and natural beauty products to avoiding chemicals in detergents. We strive to live this way and help our clients to do so as well.

This past week we sent our detectives (A.K.A. our interns) to the Natural Products EXPO West, the leading trade show in the natural, organic and healthy products industry. Their mission? To scout out products that would help us–and you–eat cleaner. Here are three top food finds.

Justin’s Pre-Portioned Peanut Butter
Love snacking on peanut butter, but hate what too much can do to your waistline? Good news: Justin’s (a company we already know and love) now has 80 calorie packs of peanut, almond, and hazelnut butters. Eat a packet with a piece of fruit for the perfect pre- or post- workout snack. Not to mention, Justin’s is GMO, PPO, VOC and BPA- free—which basically means you’re getting your nut butters without a side of unhealthy chemicals.

Nature’s Path Qi’a
Qi’a (pronounced kee-ah) is a new cereal made from superfoods chia, hemp and buckwheat. This power trio is chock-full-of plant-based protein (6 g per serving), fiber (4 g per serving), and omega-3’s. With a combination of energy-revving whole grain carbohydrates (to fuel your brain and muscles) and satiating protein and fiber (to keep you feeling satisfied and extend the energy boost), Qi’a is great before or after a workout. Add a little skim milk or unsweetened vanilla almond milk, or toss some in Greek yogurt or in oatmeal.  Qia has the crunch of a granola but doesn’t contain added fat or sugars (a serving has 3 g of sugar or less). It is certified-organic and does not contain GMOs.

Snikiddy Eat Your Vegetables
Have you ever devoured a bag of veggie chips—thinking you were eating something healthy—only to realize your snack contained hydrogenated oils, trans fats, GMO’s or other additives you weren’t thinking you’d get with veggies? We’ve been there too, which is why we love Snikiddy Eat Your Vegetables. A mere one-ounce serving provides a full serving of vegetables. In fact, navy beans are the first ingredient on the list! They serve up a healthy dose of vitamin A and fiber, as well as 3 g of protein per serving, without dishing out any GMO ingredients, artificial colors, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, or trans fats. Plus, the owner of this company has been our best friend since we were seven years old, and we know that, like Jessica Alba, she’s all about living the “honest life.” In fact, she clearly states on the packaging that “Snikiddy does not recommend substituting a snack food (even these!) for fresh vegetables.”


Edamame Hummus

For more nutrition guidance and a ‘get healthy’ plan, please check out the “The Nutrition Twins Veggie Cure


Published on Fitbie on March 20, 2013


The Nutrition Twins

Scrumptious Salt Substitutes

Say goodbye to bloat, feeling heavy and slow! Au revoir, high blood pressure and heart attacks! Hello Slim and Sexy Deliciousness!

Here’s to Cookin’ Good!


 Instead of salt:

  • Substitute salty sauces with a balsamic reduction: Simply bring balsamic vinegar to a boil using a nonreactive pot; simmer until it’s reduced by half. (Hello, mildly-sweet topping on fish and meat!)
  • Replace store bought tomato sauce; instead, make by making your own; use tomato paste with fresh basil, garlic, oregano, onions, red pepper flakes and a touch of sugar.
  • Replace seasoning salts such as garlic salt, celery salt, or onion salt with herbs, garlic , celery, or onions.
  • Drain liquid from canned vegetables and rinse with water
  • Choose fresh or low sodium version of products
  • If you must salt, do so lightly and ONLY at the end of cooking, not during.

Check out these delish recipes if you wanna do some Cookin’ Good today!


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Yummy Salt Stand-Ins

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Sizzle Reel For our “Living2Eat” TV Show in Development

If you’ve been following our blog, you know we’ve always got something cooking. Here’s our latest item we’ve been sizzling…and if you like our blog, you’re gonna love this!


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