Eat More to Weigh Less, Really!

If you’re like most of our clients, you’re looking for something you can eat when you’re hungry that won’t cause you to gain weight.  The answer, surprisingly, is something that you can and should eat all of the time.  It’s true; there actually is something that if you eat more of it, it can assist in your weight loss efforts!


Veggies!  You may realize that you need more veggies but tend to leave them out of your meals; you’re not alone!  This is one of the most common struggles of health-minded people!  You simply need a little help or encouragement to actually get them!  Once we show our clients how easily vegetables can be deliciously incorporated into their lives, they start to bump up their intake!


Check out our 3 Top Reasons you’ll wanna get your veggies:


Veggie Bonus #1: Fill up on veggies and you’ll have less room in your stomach for the heavy stuff and you’ll lose weight!


Veggie Bonus #2 (a.k.a. our constipation & flat-belly cure): The high water and fiber content of the veggies flushes bloat and waste and brings on a flat belly—oh yeah!


Veggie Bonus #3 (a.k.a. our bloat-be-gone cure!): The high water and potassium combination in veggies helps to flush out salt and the extra water and bloat that it holds with it for a flatter belly!


The key is to keep the non-starchy veggies (nearly all veggies with the exception of peas, potatoes and corn) low in calories (by avoiding adding sauces or oil) and then you can simply mix steamed veggies into your meal and eat less of the waist-puffing stuff!  This means your plate will be just as full, but there will be less room for the higher-calorie fare and you’ll fill up on lower calorie, veggies! And when you’re hungry, fill up on veggies.  You’ll get more nutrients that keep you healthy and prevent disease and constipation while helping you to eat less of the heavy stuff and lose weight!


Check out our top ways to do it below:

Easy Peasy Brussel Sprouts

seasoned brussels sprouts with logo

  • Before any meal or cocktail party, have a Veggie Pre-Meal™ with a cup of tea. The Veggie Pre-Meal™ is one-and-a-half to two cups of steamed veggies. (See below for ideas and keep foods such as these Easy Peasy Brussel Sprouts on hand). You’ll be in better control around high calorie foods and won’t be overly hungry. It will be easier to resist eating too many of the foods that pack on the pounds because you’ll already be satisfied.
  • At lunch and dinner order (or microwave from frozen at home, if short on time) a side of steamed veggies without added butter or oil. Simply mix them right into whatever dish you’re eating and you’ll add great texture, flavor and color to your meal and the veggies will pick up the flavor from the sauce in the meal.
  • Use our Red, Green and Orange rule to include one red, green or orange vegetable or fruit in every meal. When you concentrate on getting one of these colors at each meal, you won’t forget. Vegetables are an excellent source of disease-fighting nutrients and are high in fiber and low in calories, and great for helping maintain a healthy weight and fighting aging.


Colorful_detox_saladColorful Veggie Detox Salad

  • Make/ order omelets, sandwiches, pizzas, wraps and burritos with veggies added
  • Chinese chicken and rice? Pasta and chicken? Mac ‘n cheese? You end up eating less of the heavy stuff and fill your stomach with the lower calorie, fiber-and nutrient packed veggies. Added bonus: If you’re a fan of large helpings you can bag a third of the meal for later and mix the veggies right in the portion you have; you’ll fill your stomach with nutrients and fiber but with fewer calories. This way you won’t feel cheated or deprived because your meal won’t appear smaller, only your waistline will!
  • Use nori or lettuce for traditional sandwiches or wraps rather than carb-rich bread.
  • Eat your rice and other grain-based meals/ snacks by putting them in cups made with veggies-like scooped out tomatoes and bell peppers, zucchini and cucumber boats—these are delicious shells for the dish and help to keep the carb portion in check.
  • Make dips, spreads and salsas with veggies—veggie based dips like these below can double as sauces for grains and meats and are perfect for dipping veggies in.


  • If you still feel hungry after eating –or like munching–eat non-starchy vegetables (all vegetables with the exception of peas, potatoes and corn).
    • Go for them raw or steamed with spices, lemon, or flavored vinegars. You can even try our ultra low-calorie recipes like our Easy Crunchy Braised Cabbage, Colorful Detox Salad, Caramelized Cauliflower with Olive Oil & Lemon Juice, Spicy “Fried” Broccoli, and more! As an alternative, try the Kale Recharge Smoothie.
    • Be sure to avoid options that are cooked in butter or any other calorie-loaded item (like many sauces are)—and even in oil (100 calories per little tablespoon!), as they may thwart your weight-loss efforts and defeat the purpose of low-calorie veggies.
    • For dressing options, consider trying this Raspberry Vinaigrette or this Creamy Avocado Yogurt Dressing (stick to the suggested serving sizes) or consider putting your salad dressing in a spray bottle to spritz your dressing on your veggies and disperse the flavor with minimal calories.
    • Try to eat some raw veggies, as current research has shown that a special protein, glutathione, is found in raw veggies and clings to toxins, helping drag them out of the body. For example, enjoy some fresh carrots and sliced bell pepper with hummus!
    • Try these Roasted Detoxifying Veggies!
    • Defrost frozen veggies in the fridge during the day. When you get home, make a quick cold salad by mixing the veggies with one of the dressing options mentioned above or toss them right into a hot meal, as they’ll already be “cooked” and you’ll simply warm them up!


Spicy “Fried” Broccoli




Top Late Night Snacks (our picks for weight loss)

Although we’re twin sister registered dietitians and personal trainers who nowadays absolutely love veggies, we admittedly didn’t always adore them.  In fact, we were very picky kids and the moment our mom would turn her back from the dinner table, we’d sneak our salads off to our best friend, Mary and her black lab, Buddy, who liked veggies! 🙂 Luckily, our veggie-snubbing ways have changed, thanks to many reasons —(you can read more about that here)– and you may know that we also reset our taste buds, which definitely was partially responsible for the love affair we now have with veggies.  But one thing that hasn’t changed is that we each have a killer sweet tooth that we work hard to keep in check.  Although, resetting our taste buds has been very helpful in taming the beast 😉 (aka our killer sweet tooth), it doesn’t mean that we don’t adore sweets, because believe us, we do—especially when the evening comes around!

And when our clients tell us that on nights when they stay up late and they get a little bit hungry or want to nibble, we can relate, as this is when our sweet tooth calls our name, ah!

Thankfully, we’ve learned to make some pretty delicious, waistline-friendly frozen desserts that we can eat and prepare in the very comfort of our own home—and that we love but don’t overeat! Plus, they are a lot less processed and have much less sugar—in fact, ours are actually pretty good for you! Remember our Skinny Strawberry Mint Ice Cream, Skinny Banana Ice Cream SandwichesDark Chocolate Banana Ice Creamand this Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream?

As you settle in to watch your favorite television show after dinner, you may find yourself craving a late-night nosh. Do you cave in to chips or cookies and regret it later? Or maybe in your attempt to avoid junk food, you end up nibbling your way through the other food in your cupboard instead. If the late night munchies have gotten the best of you and your waistline, here are our top snacks to try.


They’ve all got less than 150 calories and really hit the spot.


Vanilla “Milkshake”

Two options:

  • Mix one scoop of vanilla or chocolate flavored protein with ¾ cup cold water, ice and 1/4 frozen banana and blend. (We’ve been using Vega Protein & Greens Vanilla or Chocolate Protein Powder lately)


  • Mix a cup of almond milk (or skim milk) with one scoop of vanilla-flavored protein powder.


Why our clients love it: This light version of a milkshake feels like a real treat, satisfies sweet cravings, but won’t weigh you down.  The protein keeps your blood sugar stable. Bonus: The calcium in the protein powder (make sure yours is calcium-fortified, many are) may help your muscles and body to relax before bedtime. To learn more about our tips for choosing a good protein powder, check out our 3-Ingredient Weight Loss Pancakes (scroll down to find out about protein powder).

 CocoaVia_Banana_Cinnamon_smoothie1_CLOSE - Copy


Frozen Cherry Poppers

OK, we admit it, we have many favorite summertime (well, anytime) treats, but this one really is one of our new all-time faves! Plus, it’s so healthy, easy and just two steps! And there is something about the chewy texture of frozen cherries that really hits the spot—super-satisfying! And all for a measly 6 calories per popper! Woohoo! 5 Cherry Poppers are just 30 calories! Find out how they’re easy to make here.

Why our clients love it: A guilt-free, refreshing way to satisfy a sweet tooth? Sign them (and us! 🙂 ) up!

Frozen Yogurt Covered cherry poppers



Berry and Greek Yogurt Parfait

Use six ounces of a plain or vanilla non-fat Greek yogurt and one-half cup of halved strawberries or any of your fave berries. Layer yogurt in the bottom of the parfait cup, and then add a layer of berries. Alternate layers until you’ve finished ingredients.

Why our clients love it: It’s rich, creamy, and feels decadent. Plus it contains plenty of protein and fiber, so even if you didn’t eat enough dinner, you’ll go to bed feeling satisfied.



Four cups of seasoned air-popped popcorn

Why our clients love it: You get a huge portion (4 cups = 130 calories!) that will last until at least the first commercial of your favorite show. Eat it one piece at a time, and it may even last you through the entire program. The fiber will fill you up, and you can use it to quench a sweet or savory craving by flavoring it with cinnamon, chili powder, smoked paprika, or grated parmesan.


Baked Apple Crunch

Made with one small apple, 1- 1-1/2 tsp cinnamon and one graham cracker. Cut the apple into half-inch slices and coat them with cinnamon on all sides. Microwave the slices on high for three to four minutes or until the apple is soft and juicy. Serve it on a graham cracker. Check it out here.

Why our clients love it: You can sink your teeth into this snack, and it’s sweet like the inside of an apple pie. Not to mention, the graham cracker adds a satisfying crunch (and it will make the house smell delicious!).



Figs and Cheese

Three small figs (or dates!) and one small, light 30- to 35-calorie cheese round (which will bring your total to 125 calories).

Why our clients love it: The figs are sweet, and since they’re fibrous, you’ve gotta chew ‘em and can’t devour them in a split second. Paired with protein-rich, savory cheese, it makes for a filling but indulgent treat.  If you use dates, they may be slightly higher in calories.

Date surprise pic



Whole Grain Crackers with Hummus

Serve five whole-grain crackers with 2 tbsp hummus.

Why our clients love it: The crackers satisfy your need to crunch and the hummus adds the perfect creamy balance.


What are some of your favorite healthy late-night snacks?  Please share them!


Anytime, Anywhere 90-Second Muscle Toner & Metabolism Booster

Get a workout in 90-seconds! Fast, easy, effective way to tone muscles– strengthen you legs, abs, chest, arms and back and burn calories. It will wake up your entire body! Our first iMovie attempt– we’re working on improvement! 🙂


Love this calorie blaster–Repeat 3 times to increase the burn!

The Nutrition Twins Toner & Metabolism Booster


Is that you we see with a six pack?! 🙂

Psst… looking for more at-home exercises?  Try these!

Easy At-Home Shoulder Toner

Triangle Push-Ups

Leg & Butt Toner

Smaller Size Bigger Life

We MUST introduce you to our unbelievable friend, Heather K. Jones. Heather is a registered dietitian (we met in college!), a wellness coach and the founder of Smaller Size Bigger Life, a super successful program designed for women who struggle with emotional eating, overeating, and body image issues.



Heather has a FREE weight loss class available until May 13th and we guarantee that you’ll walk away from this class with actionable tools that you can put to use right away to release your weight loss blocks and drastically change your relationship with food and your body.


During this free weight loss class you’ll discover…


  • The biggest mistake women make when trying to lose weight
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  • How to overcome emotional eating once and for all


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A word from Heather…

Ya know, there’s this crazy idea in the world of weight loss that if we hate ourselves enough, torture ourselves enough, and shame and guilt ourselves enough, that somehow we’ll end up happy, thin and confident. Right?
But this is not the path to happiness.


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If there’s one thing I’ve learned working as a dietitian in the weight loss industry for the last 20 years (and overcoming my own food struggles), it’s that you cannot solve your body and weight problems with the same hateful mindset that got you here. It just doesn’t work.

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Why You Should Love Stress –from an expert

We gotta admit that as girls who likely, just like you, feel a bit overwhelmed by stress at times, we would love nothing more than to give it a firm kick in the butt so that it gets launched into the air, spirals into the atmosphere and crashes into the ocean miles away from us, never to be seen again. …aaaaah 🙂  If only!  So as you can imagine, we’ve been intrigued by the words “Why You Should Love Stress” and welcome a chance to see it in a whole new, less stressful light.

If the thought intrigues you as well, read this below from Linda Formichelli. the author of the new book How to Do It All: The Revolutionary Plan to Create a Full, Meaningful Life — While Only Occasionally Wanting to Poke Your Eyes Out With a Sharpie.




By Linda Formichelli


My life is full to bursting. Last year, for example, I hosted three exchange students, traveled to five countries with my husband and 6-year-old, wrote a full-length book (plus 40 blog posts and a few magazine articles), ran two businesses, remodeled much of our house, entertained large groups weekly, and read 32 books.


Women often ask me how I get it all done without stressing out. So here’s my big secret:


I don’t.


Stress is a frequent companion of mine, and I’ve come to learn that that’s okay.


What’s wrong with stress?


According to the women’s media, stress makes us miserable, causes us to pound down gallons of cookies-and-cream ice cream, and can cause everything from heart attacks to cancer.


Every women’s magazine, talk show, and blog offers up tips on how to simplify our lives, avoid taking on too many projects, and turn down challenging opportunities in favor of soaking in lavender-infused baths.


The common refrain is that stress is something to be avoided at all costs — but just because everyone says it doesn’t mean it’s true. In fact, steering clear of stress at all costs can keep us small, and prevent us from living fulfilling, memorable lives.


Instead of blindly believing the party line, let’s talk about some of the surprising reasons stress is good for you:


  1. Stress can boost your performance.


It’s true that oppressive, chronic stress — like if you’re caring for a spouse with Alzheimer’s or living in a refugee camp — can make you ill. But there’s also a form of stress called acute stress, and the media tend to lump these two types together, causing us to fear both.


Acute stress — the kind you feel when, say, prepping for a certification exam, giving a presentation, interviewing for the job of your dreams, or standing at the starting line of a triathlon — ramps up in response to those events, and it can actually help you perform better. Then, it ramps back down during and after the anxiety-provoking event.


So when you ace a job interview, slay the audience with your stand-up comedy, or put on a burst of speed as you blast across a finish line, you can thank acute stress for your success.


  1. Stress can make you healthier.


A study published in the Psychological Bulletin concluded that acute, fight-or-flight-type stress actually boosts the immune system. It’s when the stress becomes chronic, the research said, that the immune system is harmed. What this means:  A temporary bump in stress caused by planning a trip, writing a novel, or starting a side business won’t kill you — and will, in fact, make you stronger.


  1. Stress is a sign of a full life.


The only way to feel zero stress is to never try, do, learn, experience, see, or create anything in your life.


If you’re traveling, entertaining friends in your home, performing on stage, taking a class, developing a new hobby, or doing anything else memorable and worthwhile, you will experience stress. Living a full life requires making an effort, taking risks, and accepting challenges. It’s only natural that as you do these things, your stress levels will increase at times — sometimes by a lot. That means you’re being challenged, in a good way.


But stress feels terrible!


I can’t deny that even if acute stress can help us perform better, be healthier, and live fuller lives, it often feels like…well, crap. On the upswing, acute stress boosts our energy and focus, but then we often experience a crash that leaves us wanting to sleep for three days straight.


The secret is to accept that acute stress can be a positive part of a fulfilling life, and then take steps to levels out the highs and lows to keep our energy and positivity flowing steadily.


Some things to try:


  • Meditate your The standard advice to sit and watch the breath is difficult for many of us. Try a free guided meditation podcast like those on or the Pzizz app.
  • Soak it out. Take a hot bath as soon as you feel that telltale tension in your shoulders, instead of waiting until you’re in full-tilt freak-out mode.
  • Write it down. Every night before bed, journal about your worries, to-dos, and fears to get them out of your brain so you can score a good night’s rest.
  • Head off illness. Down an immune-booster vitamin powder drink and go to bed early the day you sense the first signs of a cold.
  • Act early. Get a massage, even if you don’t need one to destress…yet.
  • Flip through a chapter of an inspirational book every morning.


Any other stress-busting tip you find in magazines or online can help, as long as you use it to level out the peaks and valleys in your anxiety levels, and not as an attempt to put the kibosh on stress altogether.


Bring on the stress — and live your best life.


Linda Formichelli is the author of the new book How to Do It All: The Revolutionary Plan to Create a Full, Meaningful Life — While Only Occasionally Wanting to Poke Your Eyes Out With a Sharpie. Go to the book website to learn more, buy your copy, and score an invite to the secret Facebook Group.








Rethink Your Oatmeal: Sweet & Savory

We’re huge fans of having some oatmeal for breakfast and we love this graphic to help you to flavor your breakfast to match your preferences! Although our sweet tooth leads us toward the sweet pairings  (remember our Wakeup Sunny-side Pineapple Berry Oatmeal?), these yummy savory ideas may convert us, ya never know! Well, at least for one or two mornings! 😉 Enjoy!

Rethink Oatmeal


Sweet and/or Savory Oatmeal | Great ways to flavor your breakfast to match your preferences | Nutritionists choice for breakfast | Filling & energizing | Americans who eat oatmeal tend to have lower waist circumferences – which has been linked to a lower risk for overweight and obesity in other research | @Quaker

The Nutrition Twins partnered with Quaker to help spread the oatmeal love 🙂