5 Tricks to Curb Candy Binges

By now you know from reading our blog that although we’re registered dietitians and personal trainers who love our veggies, we also have a nasty sweet tooth that we work hard to keep in check! We’ve experimented to learn all of the secrets and what we know what works for us and our clients.  So here you have it– tried and true tips to keep candy from getting the best of you!


Trick 1: Keep your taste buds busy
The candy dish that has secured a permanent spot on your coworker’s desk is a lot less tempting when you’re already enjoying the flavor of sugar-free gum (there are several that use all-natural, sugar-free sweeteners). Stock up on your favorite flavors and keep it with you at all times, and before heading into any tempting situation, take a moment to remind yourself that you’re going to chew the gum and not the sugary sweets. And for extra protection against a sugar binge, don’t hesitate to politely ask your candy-carrying colleagues to store the goodies in a drawer. Out of sight, out of mouth!


Trick 2: Sneak in smart snacks

Toting satisfying snacks with you wherever you go can stop candy cravings before they start. Focus on fiber and protein options to help you stay energized and satisfied between meals. Our pick for a quick bite: pistachios. They’re perfect for tossing into purses and gym bags, and of all the nuts in the tree, they’re one of the highest in protein and fiber, and among the lowest in fat and calories. We like Wonderful Pistachios, which makes pre-portioned 100-calorie packs, perfect for on-the-go noshing.757916a1_CS4


Trick 3: Rework your leftovers
Try making your own 100-calorie packs with your favorite indulgences that would typically get out of hand. Pre-portioned treats will keep you satisfied and prevent overboard eating.  A smart move: commit to having just one bag on days when a candy craving hits. To make your 100-calorie packs, try any of these (these are typical Halloween faves, but let’s face it, you can find them all year round! 🙂 )  4 Hershey Kisses, 2 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups miniatures, 2 mini Nestle Crunch bars, 4 Tootsie Roll midges, 4 rolls of Smarties, 3 Laffy Taffy candies, 2 fun-size Milk Duds, 2 mini York Peppermint Patties, or 4 Jolly Rancher hard candies.

Trick 4: Don’t toss your trash
Save your wrappers and keep them with you. They’re a visual reminder of exactly how much you’ve eaten. There’s no forgetting that you scarfed an entire bag of Snickers minis last night if you’re faced with the proof.

Trick 5: Do your research
Learn how many runs and reps you’ll have to do in order to burn off your indulgence. Knowing you have to jog for an hour just to burn off a few measly candy bars may be enough motivation to keep your hand out of the bag.

Tammy Lakatos Shames and Elysse “Lyssie” Lakatos—otherwise known as the Nutrition Twins—are registered dietitians, certified personal trainers, and authors of The Nutrition Twins’ Veggie Cure: Expert Advice and Tantalizing Recipes for Health, Energy and Beauty


For more nutrition guidance and a ‘get healthy’ plan, please check out the “The Nutrition Twins Veggie Cure


The Nutrition Twins work with Wonderful pistachios to help people make healthier snack choices.

4 Surefire Ways To Get to The Event Bloat-Free

Here are our favorite tricks that we ALWAYS use before heading to a BBQ, a pool, the beach, or an event where we need to wear a LBD (i.e. the “Lil’ Black Dress”). Of course, as registered dietitians and personal trainers, these are based on science, but keep in mind that these are the tricks that don’t just look good on paper– they really work!  So we just have to share them! You’re welcome! 😉


1. Wake up and immediately drink 16 ounces (or more!) of water

  • This will wake up your digestive tract—and get things movin’on out 😉 Buh, bye leftovers from last night that that are lingering in the colon. (This works like magic for us 😉)
  • It will help to flush bloating salt and water along with it.
  • It will prevent dehydration and give your body what it needs for its’ chemical reactions to make energy to start your day.


2. Get your sweat on! Do some form of cardio for at least 15 minutes.

  • This really gets your intestinal tract going to get things moving out of your colon. Ah-hem, yes, we mean, you’re preventing constipation and the gut bulges that come with it! (If you run, like we often do, you probably know how well this works!)
  • You’ll get rid of the little layer of “puff” right beneath your skin as you sweat out a little salt.
  • You’ll activate your muscles so they look toned and tight at the event.


3. Watch this move below. It’s the hook, line and sinker for your bloat-free belly. Your stomach will look so much tighter! It’s crazy cool! 🙂

Tammy learned this move after she first gave birth to her twins. This activates your stomach muscles and it trains them to stay right and tight—rather than just hanging out like most of us (yep, us too– so this is a good reminder for us!) let our stomachs do when we are just standing around.


What to do:
Step 1. Activate the muscles in your stomach by simply standing with your back against the wall and placing your hand on your stomach.  Squeeze your abs, pulling your belly button back to your spine.  Breathe out as  you do it.  Think of your stomach muscles acting as a zipper and zipping the stomach in nice and tight from the bottom up. Your hand should feel your abs move back towards your spine.

Step 2. Remember, as you squeeze your abs towards your spine breathe out. Hold your abs tight for several counts and then release. Do this at least 15-20 times. You may feel this in your back too, that’s OK, and it’s part of the strengthening and toning process and actually is a sign you’re doing it correctly.

Step 3. Now that you’ve activated the muscles, do this on your way to the event—and even at the event! What we love is that no one will even see what you’re doing, but they will see tight abs and a flat stomach, oh yeah! 🙂


4. Eat a breakfast that is high in fiber and protein. The fiber will help you to feel satisfied by filling up your stomach and assisting your digestive tract in making sure everything keeps moving along to prevent constipation and bloat while the protein will keep you satiated.  Stay away from super heavy breakfasts that will weigh you down and make you feel heavy.

Try these:
Mini Frittata Muffins or Veggie Frittata Bites with a piece of fruit
3 Ingredient Blueberry Pancakes

For Smoothie Ideas that fit the bill, check out this and remember if you don’t add a protein source to your smoothie, you’ll want to add one, like nonfat Greek yogurt or eggs.
Orange Muesli

Cherry Muesli
And consider drinking this Cucumber Blueberry Water Flush (or something similar) during the day and at the event!
We’re dying to hear how our favorite bloat-free tricks worked for you! Please leave a comment below and let us know! Also, for bonus tips to stay bloat free at the event, check out these!

An Easy Exercise for Great Glutes

Reverse Lunge with Knee Lift

Beautify and Gluti-fy your Rear-view!

I admit it; I (Lyssie) have become a bit obsessed with bettering my rear-view. It all happened after I had to work on a writing project virtually 24/7 at my desk. I literally felt like my rear end took a hit and was sagging! If you’ve felt this way, I have great news, I quickly turned it around– and you can also with two simple moves! One you can even do anywhere without anyone even knowing!

First, here’s the move you can do even in the grocery store line (I sure have been! 😉 ) :

  1. Simply squeeze your butt cheeks together, hold for three seconds and release for a moment.
  2. Complete 10 Repetitions to wake the glutes up.
  3. Then squeeze one butt cheek at a time holding each just for one second, just to activate the muscles, each on their own.

Now your glutes are warmed up (and you’ll notice they’ll start to be a bit firmer too (woohoo! 🙂 ) and you can try this move below (and above) that Tammy is demonstrating, it’s the ultimate Butt Blaster! 🙂



Reverse Lunge with Knee Lift

Ultimate Booty Blast
Lunge Back Left Leg
Knee Up Left Leg
Repeat 10 times
Switch legs
Complete 3 Sets
Here’s how:

  1. Standing straight with your abs tight and engaged, lunge back with your right leg. Keeping your chest up, allow your left leg to bend until it is 90 degrees (the top of your leg should be parallel with the floor).
  2. Keeping your core engaged, push the ball of your foot into the floor to press yourself back towards standing position as you lift your right knee up to hip-level. Allow your arms to come up as you lift your leg.
  3. Pause for a moment with your right knee bent at 90 degrees and then step back into a lunge with your right leg, again allowing your left knee to bend to 90 degrees.
  4. Repeat this movement for ten repetitions with the right leg lunging. Then switch legs so that your left leg lunges back and the left knee lifts.
  5. Complete 3 sets with each leg.

Do this every other day and kiss buh-bye to a lazy-looking behind!

Hard Work Always Pays Off!

Watercolor circles

So true!  Nothing comes easy.  We’ve worked (really, really, really hard!) at anything we’ve ever wanted and never regretted it!

Take Care of Your Body

Watercolor circles

Yes! Such a great reminder–it really is the one & only home we will always live in!  No moving out! Be kind to that body! 😉

Love & veggies,

X & X
L & T