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We’re here to give you fun and easy-to-do tools, exercises, philosophies, and recipes to empower you to be lookin’ good – and feelin’ good from the inside out!



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2 Day Detox & Lookin’ Good! Kick-Start Menu

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The ultimate weight loss and bloat-busting jumpstart – guaranteed to help you to feel light, refreshed and fantastic again!

nutritiontwins_1Did you overdo it with a little too much food or drink? Feeling a little heavy and bloated and paying the price? We’ve done a lot of research! In fact, we loved filling our books with lots of research – and we’re taking the most interesting and empowering facts we learned and putting them into the perfect 2-day plan to kick start your weight loss and launch you into a new lean and healthy body.

We’ve concocted cleansing and tummy flattening recipes that you can use whenever you’ve overdone it or feel sluggish and bloated. This 2-day plan includes some of the key points we shared in our popular book The Secret to Skinny. Plus we also merge in strategies from our newest book The Nutrition Twins’ Veggie Cure – including foods proven to increase the swift removal of waste and excess water from the body. (Note: That’s a nice way of saying we help you poop better, fight constipation, and de-puff that uncomfortable bloat!).

We are big on emphasizing yummy wholesome plant foods and other delicious nutrient rich foods! This 2-day plan is NOT on a Starvation Plan. However, it does double-duty as a Detox Plan! We will help you to get rid of pesky toxins while flooding your body with nutrients for ultimate energy and radiance restoration. Basically, this 2-day plan provides a huge jumpstart to get you into ultimate good health – while also effectively resetting your mind – so you want to stay eating on the healthy path.

We include delicious foolproof recipes that you can use any time – not just during this awesome 2-day journey.

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Sample Weight Loss Menu for People Who Want To Be Slimmer, Smarter & Sexier


  • 16 ounces of water
  • Cage-free egg and cheese veggie scramble loaded with peppers, spinach, tomatoes, broccoli (using non-fat or low-fat cheese and 1 egg)
  • Slice whole wheat toast
    *Men: Two slices


  • Turkey lettuce wrap: Turkey breast, tomatoes and cucumbers rolled in a lettuce wrap
    *Women: 3 oz turkey; Men: 6 oz turkey
  • Wasa crackers
  • Orange

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