One-on-One Programs

1-on-1 Private Counseling

(Or…perhaps that’s a 2-on-1 if you want us both!)

We love getting to know you up close and personal so we can consider your unique lifestyle & personal food preferences. These private sessions are highly individualized to meet all your health needs. Together we create fun, do-able daily plans for you. Plus we help to motivate you to move forward – by working with you to modify any challenging behaviors – so that you are fully set up to succeed in your health goals.

Not in New York City? No worries – we’ve got you covered! We offer a full range of video and phone sessions.

One-on-One Nutrition Consulting Spring Tune-up Promo Special

(One Initial Session + 6 Follow-ups & a signed copy of our book.)

$799 (20% off ($1,000 value)

Initial Nutrition Counseling

This is a highly detailed session which includes an assessment of your diet, lifestyle and fitness habits. We dig deep into your patterns, symptoms and health history to fully understand your needs, preferences and challenges. Then we construct an individualized diet plan – just for you – the new healthier, more fit you! We give you a personalized plan – specific health power tools to attain your goals! Plus, we clearly explain to you the specific new-step-by-new-step path you need to take, so you can clearly see what you need to do differently to create the positive changes you want in health and fitness.

Follow-Up Consultations

We believe it’s often helpful to have “tweaking” after private counseling with us – so we can provide you with continued support – listening to your feedback, and making whatever adjustments are needed. We love to help you to build on all your previous achievements -and keep taking things to the next level of healthy and fit. We also can help to equip you with specific behavior modification techniques – if we find you need some extra assistance to meet your goals. In these sessions we work together to explore whatever weaknesses and/or problems might be surfacing that are holding you back from blooming into your healthiest self. We then create the necessary dietary “tweak” and offer some fun new motivational techniques.

Health Problem-Busting Consultations

These health problem-busting sessions are highly individualized in order to accommodate varying lifestyles and food preferences. Behavior modification techniques are included to guarantee client success in meeting personal goals. An initial consultation and 6- follow-ups are provided. Consultations specialize in weight loss, increasing energy, increasing body mass, behavior modification, sports nutrition, elevated cholesterol and blood pressure, heart disease, vitamin supplementation prescriptions, restorative and toxin “flush”, pregnancy and body imaging.

Nutrition For The Real World:

How To Live Healthfully in New York City – A Land of Many Temptations!

We gotta say – we particularly love offering this special 5 session package to New Yorkers. We know what a Land Of Yummy Sensory Delights this city can be! Whether you work or play into the wee hours of the night, we will teach you how to do it healthfully. We include strategies for “desktop dining,” playing the vending machine roulette, dining in and dining out. We also include tools for staying healthy while socializing at cocktail parties and/or enjoying the bar scene.

Would you like to be a client? Download the Client Questionnaire and bring it to our first consultation.