Our Philosophy

Our light-hearted philosophy for a slim, smart, sexy, and happy life:

    1. We believe eating as close to nature as possible does NOT mean food has to taste like dirt and pebbles. Go yummy or go home!
    2. Don’t just eat close to nature. Spend time close to nature.
    3. Exercise regularly. Cycle. Run. Hike. Weight-lift.
    – Downward-dog. Swim. Dance. Hug. Jump for joy!
    – Do whatever it takes.
    4. Giggling really hard is good for the abs.
    5. Kneading whole-grain dough is fab for the triceps.
    6. Healthy = tasty
    7. Healthy ≠ boring
    I 8. healthfully today! How about you?

9. Singing into a spatula is good for the spirit.

    10. Being hungry all the time might get you into your skinny jeans –

        –  But it will also make you cranky pants –        –  Which is NOT sexy or smart! Eat healthfully instead!

    11. The harder ingredients are to pronounce, the harder they typically are to digest and process.
    12. Veggies cure all. We wrote the book on that!

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    — oh—and that’s a helpful exercise for preventing stiff joints in your fingers!

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