Product Spokesperson

Work with The Nutrition Twins

Do you have a brand, product, service or organization which could benefit from being represented by 2 media-friendly Nutrition Twins?

NutritionTwins®We can help to boost your presence – and get you more attention in TV, print, radio, and social media! We’re known for our fun energy, research-packed information, credibility and passion for helping people to become their healthiest and most fit selves!

We’re experienced Product Spokespeople – and have done a range of satellite media tours, radio media tours, expo appearances, wellness conferences, recipe developments, special event appearances, Facebook takeovers, Pinterest pinning extravaganzas, Twitter parties, TV placements, QVC features, On-line and Print placements!

Plus we have a wide variety of media connections to increase your visibility and boost your image.

  • We’ve got nearly 4 million followers on Pinterest eager to hear what we have to share.
  • We’re Bloggers American Council on Exercise
  • We’re Bloggers & Nutrition Experts for celebrity/host of Dancing with the Stars Brooke Burke’s
  • We’re regular contributors to many other media outlets

Contact us to see our full deck about all of our PRODUCT SPOKESPERSON experience.