Yogurt & Almond Topped Plum Bites –the ultimate plum-back!

 Just call it a plum-back! If you had a rough weekend or day yesterday, eat this delish treat for the ultimate plum-back! 😉 These tasty, juicy nips are the perfect combination of Greek yogurt, plum and nuts and they’ll have you feeling your best in no time as they flood your body with antioxidants and […]

Skinny Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte

As registered dietitian nutritionists, we don’t typically go for the latest food craze, but we’ve fallen for another trendy health food.  Iced matcha green tea. And guess what? Sometimes we make it a latte! 🙂 Don’t worry; we’ve got a flat-belly version (below) for a drink that may otherwise set you back quite a few calories.  So add […]

Watermelon Cucumber ACV “Detox” Infusion

We’re so excited about this one! 🙂   As registered dietitian nutritionists, we didn’t need the new study out in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics that showed that people who increased their water by one, two or three cups a day ate up to 205 calories fewer daily and ingested 200 fewer milligrams […]

Berry Burst with Dark Chocolate, Almonds & Coconut

As veggie and chocolate lovin’ twins, registered dietitians and personal trainers, what’s a girl (or two 😉 ) to do when dessert is to be had?!  We’ve made life simple for ourselves and for you!  This may just become our go-to celebratory indulgent, waist-line friendly sweet! After all, it’s so easy to make, it’s pretty […]

Kiwi & Olive Quinoa with Cranberries and Feta

A big fat cooking rut.  I, Lyssie, was in one.  Yes, even this registered dietitian and one of The Nutrition Twins who loves to cook got stuck in one.  And thanks to two generous samples- #zesprikiwifruit and #organicgrain ( and an urge to instantly marry the two in one dish, I’ve been set free!  Having […]

Metabolism Boosting Morning Green Smoothie

  Early on in our career as dietitians, our first book, Fire Up Your Metabolism was published.  We felt compelled to write the book after realizing that so many people felt doomed by their genetics or that they couldn’t do anything to get their body to burn more calories.  We wanted to let people know […]