Peanut Butter and Bananas

Need a simple quick and energizing snack? Try this: 2 teaspoons of peanut butter spread on a peeled banana. The banana is a great source of fuel for your brain, muscles and central nervous system and the peanut butter is a delicious source of satiating protein! It’s quick, easy, and super satisfying! What’s your go-to […]

Chai-Berry Smoothie

Thanks to all of you who have been asking how we have so much energy!  We really appreciate the compliment, thank you! 🙂  We always have considered ourselves lucky to have a lot of energy.  But the truth is when we don’t eat the way we like to eat or get to exercise in some […]

Pear-Hazelnut Muffins

It’s February and do you know what that means? It’s Bake for Family Fun Month! We love to bake with our families; it gives us time to spend together while make delicious treats! There are so many different “healthy” desserts out there but we like to focus on not only healthy desserts, but also energizing […]

Mexican inspired chicken salad

Have you ever had a meal at a restaurant that you loved, but know it’s probably a lot higher in calories and fat than you’d like? We have too and this Mexican inspired dish is a twist on one that we had. Adapted from a recipe provided by the American Heart Foundation, this salad makes […]

Pistachio Crusted Whitefish with Chunky Roasted Pepper Sauce

Need a delicious and satisfying meal that will keep your energy level high and blood sugar on even keel? Check out one of our favorite delicious recipes—it’s high in fiber and low in saturated fat, cholesterol and salt. It calls for white fish fillets, so check your local grocery store to see what’s fresh—you can […]

Salmon and Asparagus Spring Rolls

We believe that every day is the perfect time to share some of our favorite recipes using fruits and veggies that are in season. There are so many wonderful foods that are in season ranging from lemons and dill to fennel and arugula—and we can’t help but want to cook with them all! One of […]