Easy At-Home Ab & Core Exercise for Sexy Abs: Knee Circle Plank

Lately, Tammy’s eight-year old twin daughters are really into 6-pack abs.  After watching the American Ninja Warrior TV show and being impressed by the athletes strength, agility and speed, they want to one day compete on the show!  They’ve noticed the strong, muscular physiques of the competitors, both men and women.  They know they’ll need to be strong to compete and they love to flex their muscles and feel strong.  And recently, they even love to look at older boys who have great ab definition–oy! (this already makes us a bit nervous! Tammy tells them she’ll have none of that until they are 35! 🙂  )– and they want to know what they can do to strengthen their abs.  Showing them exercises has inspired us to work a little harder on our own abs.  After all, who doesn’t want sexier abs? Sign us up! 🙂

Here’s one of Tammy’s latest ab exercises (click on the bottom photo to watch the video).  She loves that she can do it anywhere, any time, no equipment needed!



Another part about this exercise that Tammy loves is that it actually stretches and loosens her tight hips (her tight hips lead to a lot of her injuries and are one of her Achilles’ heels so this move kills two birds with one ab exercise! 🙂 )

Watch the video below to see how to do it– or follow these steps for the Knee Circle Plank:
1. Get into a plank position with your palms on the floor, not your elbows.
2. Keep your arms straight and abs tight to keep your body straight like a board, and pull your right knee in towards your chest while you circle the knee in a clockwise and then counterclockwise in a slow controlled movement.
3. Complete seven times with one leg, and then switch to the other leg.


Is that you we see with a six pack?! 🙂

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The Glute Bridge with Variations- for a perkier butt!

A fitness tip to ignore:  Go big or go home!

Think smaller workouts don’t count?! They do!!
Check this out …it helps us even on our laziest of days.  And this Lazy Day Butt Toner is one you can even do in your bed, so no excuses not to do it! 🙂

The Glute Bridge with Variations- for a perkier bootay!  Watch the video above or read below for a few pointers to make the most of this at-home exercise.




A few pointers:

As you lift and squeeze and with each movement remember to:

  • Squeeze your abs tight and focus on using your ab muscles to pull your belly button towards your back
  • Press the ground through your heels
  • Contract your glutes and feel the tension all the way down in your hamstrings as you squeeze
  • Keep both shoulder blades on the floor


Hello, sexy booty! 😉

Squat With A Side Kick For Toned Outer Thighs

Buh Bye Saddlebags!  This is a amazing Saddlebag Blaster — No Equipment Needed!  You can get toned in minutes and at home! 🙂

Simply, squat, stand and kick, squat, stand and kick! See below.  (Watch the video or see below).


1. Squat



2. Stand and Kick




3.  Squat


4. Stand and Kick (other leg).  repeat 10-20 times alternating with each leg.  Take a break and do two more sets.  Feel the burn–oh yeah! 🙂