Food Facts. Find Out What’s REALLY In Your Food.

  May 17, 2011  |    Blog

Lyssie has an iPhone and she can do this–and you can too! Our friends at have developed a really neat app! It’s a must have for anyone who wants to be savvy when it comes to their health. Here’s what they say about it– check it out!

Reading ingredients can be confusing. Knowing which ones are controversial and hazardous to your health can be even more difficult to understand. But now there’s an easier way to find out what’s really in your food with the iPhone App!

Search for any product in our database by scanning the products UPC Code with your iPhone’s Camera. directly onto your phone. Within seconds the product will appear on your phone along with its Nutritional Information, ingredient list, Pro’s and Con’s of the product, Allergy Alerts, and our Health Score.

(Nutrition Facts and Ingredient List)

It isn’t easy for “us” the consumers to read and understand labels. But with’s iPhone app we make it easier for you. In addition to being able to view all of the product’s nutritional information, we also have ingredient definitions that will appear right on your phone. Ingredients marked in orange will tell you that that specific ingredient is controversial and may want to be avoided. By clicking on the ingredient you will be able to view what is contained in that specific ingredient and why it may be hazardous to your health.

(Avoid List)

Our Avoid list allows you to keep clear from a specific ingredient that you’re trying to keep out of your diet. This feature will filter your searches so that you can avoid any products that contain that specific ingredient or allergen.

(Food Allergy)

With ingredients always changing food allergies are becoming more and more difficult to track. With our allergy icons you can see what allergens are contained in each product you are searching, so you can know which ones to avoid.

(Thumbs up/ Thumbs Down)

Our app will also let you know the pro’s and con’s of each product you are searching for. A thumbs up will indicate what’s positive about the product, and a thumbs down will tell you the negatives of that particular product.

(Health Score)

Our app will also include our Health Score. Our Health score uses the FDA daily recommended intake for vitamins and minerals and then factors in the quality of the products ingredients to get our Health score!

The iPhone App is not only fast and easy to use but it is an informative and educational tool that can help you make better decisions about what food’s you may want to include in your diet and what one’s you are better off avoiding. New products are available weekly by using the app’s sync function. When a product is scanned and not found our staff is alerted so that we can assure that the products that you use are being added to our database. With the iPhone app you can start learning more about what manufacturers are really putting into your foods. So download the app today and get started on your path to a healthier quality of life.

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