Can’t Control Your Cravings?

  May 28, 2011  |    Blog

Do you suffer from cravings that you feel like you can’t control?

If you’re craving a cupcake, visualize yourself eating that cupcake and your craving will go away.

Can you believe it?! We can– we, for two, actually tried it– and it works… sometimes…

And new studies prove it works. You can actually trick your mind into thinking that you’ve already eaten the cupcake, making it less likely for your craving to continue. How cool is this? Feel as though you’ve already eaten your favorite treat, minus the guilt and extra calories?!

However, if this doesn’t work for you and your craving does persist, grab a snack that won’t wreak havoc on your diet, such as air popped popcorn, nonfat yogurt, tea, or berries. Or if you are able to control the portion, allow yourself to have a small portion of the food that you are craving. This is usually what we have to do at times when visualization doesn’t work for us. Otherwise we end up unsatisfied and we still have a craving.

Have you ever tried this “visualization” trick when a craving hits? Did it work for you? Do you have a food that you have tried to nibble on to outsmart your cravings?

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