Do You Dream of Publishing A Book?

  June 22, 2011  |    Blog

Do You Have an Unborn /Under-appreciated Book in Your Life?

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Our dear friend Judy Katz is a talented ghostwriter and book collaborator. With 24 ghostwritten books to her credit, her passion is helping you birth your inner book. And guess what? She also has a public relations firm with a long track record of top placements, plus access to literary agents. So whether you want someone to help you write your book from scratch, need help with editing that unfinished manuscript, or already have a book that deserves a wider audience, Judy and her team at Katz Creative do it all.

Judy asked us to invite all our friends and associates to her new website, You can also call Judy for a free one-on-one consultation on your potential book idea or whatever you need in that arena. Judy’s contact information is [email protected], 212-580-8833. Please tell her we sent you!

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