Chia seeds

  July 14, 2011  |    Blog

Chia seeds are all of the rage!

Chia seeds are grown in Australia, Central and South America and are what many consider the new superfood. They’re packed with nutrients like omega-3s and essential minerals, just like flaxseed.

Adding just 1 tablespoon of chia seeds to your diet daily will provide approximately six grams of soluble fiber, three grams of protein, and almost 10% of your daily recommended values of iron, and calcium.

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Chia seeds are very versatile and can be added to many kinds of food. Try mixing them into your breakfast oatmeal or yogurt. Or mix it into salad dressings or just put on top of salads. For a sweet and refreshing snack, we like adding dried blueberries and eating them cold. The seeds have a gelatinous texture and takes on whatever flavors it is mixed with, so you can add it to sauces and puddings too.

Have you tried chia seeds? How do you eat them?

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