Lemony Salmon Burgers

  July 21, 2011  |    Blog

We all know about the protein-rich and memory-boosting goodness that our floating friends under the sea provide us with, but sadly, there is often something fishy about those who make it to your local supermarket. Many of the fish sold are treated with chemicals and have harmful substances in them like methyl mercury.

However, we are so excited to have some great news! Thanks to our friends from Pure Alaska Salmon LLC (and on Facebook)–they have found a way to simplify and narrow down your quest for fresh fish! Their long-standing presence on the Northern Pacific Coast has established a means for wild salmon to get to your dinner plates along with the vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids that your body needs, but without all of those chemicals. Now you just have to look for Canned Alaska Salmon from Pure Alaska Salmon at your grocery store and experience its great taste and purity! It’s available at select Whole Foods nationwide.

If need be, you can always opt to grill the salmon instead of using some oil to lightly fry them into salmon cakes. The great thing about incorporating salmon into a burger is the added variety of ingredients, which can include anywhere from spinach to arugula as the leafy greens, and from tomatoes and onions to avocados and cilantro as side veggies! Get creative with your fish!

The Nutrition Twins do not receive payment from Pure Alaska Salmon LLC, they just enjoy their fish!

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