Basil, Nature’s Anti-inflammatory

  July 28, 2011  |    Blog

We want to reacquaint you with one of our favorite herbs- Basil! Basil is a delicious way to flavor sauces, dishes, and drinks, and we are LOVING it this summer!

We have been amazed by what scientists have found about basil—it’s a great anti-inflammatory, and can almost work as NSAID’s like ibuprofen and aspirin, and can provide symptomatic relief for inflammatory bowel conditions and rheumatoid arthritis!

It also helps to prevent wrinkles, aging and disease! Yes, that’s thanks to basil’s polyphenolic flavonoids. Basil also has anti-bacterial properties as well as high levels of beta carotene, vitamin A, lutein, cryptoxanathin, and zeaxanthin.

You can reap the benefits of basil tonight for dinner– make a tomato-basil salad, drizzled with a little bit of olive oil and salt and pepper, or chop fresh basil leaves to give your vegetables or fruit salad a gourmet touch. If you’re making a pasta dish or need a light spread, make some lightened up pesto, substituting chicken stock for most of the oil to save calories! Then add fresh basil.

Do you use basil in any of your recipes? What’s your favorite herb? How do you use it in your food during the summer?

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