Salt Substitutes

  July 29, 2011  |    Blog

Italian Spiced Chicken

Salt is the go to for most American Kitchens. BUT, that doesn’t make it the healthy choice!

Salt is the culprit that adds all that extra sodium to our foods. Though some may be spared from hypertension that can result from too much sodium, most of us can’t help that bloated, swollen feeling after a salty meal.

The worst time to feel that way is during the summer when there’s less to cover that puffy belly.

Here’s a couple of Spiced-up ideas to flavor the foods we find bland without that puffy and sometimes, unhealthy salty addition.

Tips and Tricks

Black pepper – it works well on scrambled eggs and pasta.

Ripe tomatoes – to flavor sauces, add garlic and fresh herbs for extra taste.

Citrus fruit juices such as lemon and limes – add a great zesty flavor to fish, chicken and pork (use the grated rind for even more flavor and texture)

Oregano: pizza, tomato sauces, Greek salads, fish or lamb dishes, omelets and vegetables

Sage: pork, game or tomato sauces

Thyme: fish and chicken

Basil: tomatoes or tomato sauces and pasta dishes

Bay Leaves: casseroles, soups and pates

Bon Apetit!

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