The Battle of The Greens: Should You Skip Iceberg Altogether?

  August 7, 2011  |    Blog

Although not all greens are created equal, should you skip iceberg lettuce altogether?
Well, not if it’s the only green you’ll eat.

However, you’ve probably heard that when you hit the salad bar you should go for the baby spinach or romaine lettuce instead of the iceberg lettuce—and there’s a good reason.

The darker greens are far more nutrient dense and contain more vitamins like A, C, and K, as well as minerals like iron.

Take a peek at the chart below and you’ll see why you should replace iceberg with spinach or romaine lettuce.

1 cup raw Vitamin A Vitamin C Vitamin K Folate Iron
Baby Spinach 56% DV 14% DV 181% DV 15% DV 5% DV
Iceberg lettuce 7% DV 3% DV 22% DV 5% DV 2% DV
Romaine lettuce 82% DV 19% DV 60% DV 16% DV 3% DV

We love our veggie burgers on a bed of spinach or romaine lettuce and we make a mean spinach in marinara sauce and then we sprinkle it with parmesan cheese, YUM… die for!

How do you eat your dark greens? Or do you prefer to go for iceberg no matter what?

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