Energy Drinks

  August 11, 2011  |    Blog

Are energy drinks really healthier than soda?

Surprisingly, the answer is no.

You may wonder how this could be…

Although, energy drinks may have “healthier” ingredients in them than soda does, like herbal extracts and vitamin B, many of them also have the same amount of sugar as sodas do. Ick! That’s right, in every 16 ounce can of soda or energy drink, there are about 250 calories of sugar! Also, energy drinks have been found to be 11 times more corrosive to your teeth than soda! So, for the most part, stay away from both energy drinks and soda; neither is good!

Note: Many energy drinks have just a “sprinkling” of the nutrients they boast of containing. To play it safe, get your nutrients from your food and let your beverages do what they should– hydrate you and give you energy in the process. Hello, Water!! Thank you water, for doing exactly what we all hope Energy drinks will do!

Do you drink energy drinks? Or do you drink soda? Which do you think offers an advantage?

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