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Wanna know the real deal when the nutrition label says “Trans-Fat Free”? It’s pretty scary…

The truth is that the FDA allows companies to claim that their products are “trans-fat free” as long as they contain 0.5 grams or less of trans-fat. This means that the zero on the nutrition label can be any number from 0.5-0 grams of trans fat. You may not think this is so bad but…

What’s troubling is that for most of these foods many people aren’t sticking to just one serving. So if you have three to four servings of a cracker or cookie (as many people do) you can actually swallow several grams of trans fat without realizing it!

And although you should aim to consume no trans fat, if you are going to get any, at most allow yourself 1-2 grams a day if you want to keep your ticker healthy.

Here’s a tip to see if your food really does have zero trans-fat in it or not: Read the Nutrition Ingredients label and if your product contains “partially hydrogenated oil” or “hydrogenated oil” then that the product contains trans-fat. Please be careful and read your labels!

Note: Foods that are usually guilty of containing trans fats are crackers, cookies, cakes and other processed foods.

Bottom line: If you do choose to eat any foods that says “0 grams” of trans fat on the label but that contains “partially-hydrogenated” or “hydrogenated” oil on the ingredient list, stick to just one serving to keep the damage minimal!

Have you noticed if any foods that you eat say they are trans fat free, but truly contain some of the dreadful fat?

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