August 14, 2011  |    Blog

Do you love eating seasonally like we do? Check out all of the health benefits of one delicious in season fruit right now!

Nectarines are a wonderful snack because of all of the great nutrients packed into one sweet and low calorie piece of fruit. One medium nectarine (about one cup) has only 62 calories, no fat, two grams of protein and fiber, and some calcium, vitamins a and c, and iron.

We love to throw some nectarines into a salad or make a tasty bruschetta with strawberries, another summer fruit in season right now.

To make the bruschetta, we slice a whole-wheat French baguette and spread a layer of low fat fromage blanc (you can also use low-fat goat cheese) on it. We then drizzle some balsamic vinaigrette on top. Finally, we top the goat cheese with diced strawberries and nectarines. Yum!

It’s a simple and delicious way to start OR end a meal. How do you eat your nectarines?

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