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Why local?

  August 14, 2011  |    Blog

As you know, we’re always promoting locally grown produce. Here’s why:
Eating locally isn’t just good for the farmer’s pocketbook, it’s good for the environment, and it’s good for you! By buying directly from the farmer (or choosing locally grown produce at your grocery market), your produce is fresher. If you shop at a Farmer’s Market, you’re skipping the middle man and the travel time between farmer and supermarket. Sometimes the healthy treats have been picked that DAY!! And your fruits and veggies aren’t using gallon upon gallon of fuel to be shipped to you.

The other advantage of buying from a Farmer’s Market is that you have direct contact with the farmer. You can speak with the farmer and his/her staff to see what type of system he/she uses to grow crops. Most local farmers still use crop rotation methods so, which means that each season they change the crops that they grow so that the pests and disease that are particular to a certain crop don’t build up and the soil is more fertile and richer and so is the nutrient value of your food!

Take some time to google “research” your local markets. CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) are also a great idea. It’s a system where locals buy seasonal shares from a farmer and a weekly pickup location is provided to get the best, freshest, and most interesting produce the farmer has to offer. Sometimes you can get fresh eggs and milk too!

SO delicious and nutritious! Have you been to a Farmer’s Market? What did you buy there?

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