Exercising on Vacation

  August 15, 2011  |    Blog

Squeezing in a workout can be hard when you’re busy juggling work, picking kids up, cooking meals, and juggling all of the other daily activities. So a vacation can be the perfect time to get in some extra fitness time. But who wants to waste time in a gym when there are so many new and exciting things happening all around you? We know we don’t. So here are a few tips we use when we’re on vacation to keep things fun and interesting!

  • If you are somewhere tropical, try some water sports! Snorkling, kayaking, sailing, wind surfing, you name it. All of these activities get you outside and taking advantage of the weather and will allow you to get a great workout in!
  • If you are in the mountains, go for a hike! Not only will you feel refreshed breathing the mountain air, but you may stumble upon amazing scenic views, and possibly spot some wildlife, while also challenging your body by climbing difficult trails.
  • If you are in a city, wake up early and go for a run! Many cities are built on some body of water, whether it be a lake, a river or an ocean, and you can usually find a nice trail to run on along the water. But sometimes it can be even more fun to wake up early (to beat the crowds) and take a run through the streets, past all of the amazing sites! We love to do this – we get a chance to see so many wonderful things before the crowds, and then can make our way back to the few things we thought were really spectacular and deserve a second look.
  • You can also check with hotels – often, if the hotel has a gym, they will offer classes. This can keep you motivated to exercise because there are other people there with you and the instructors usually make the classes fun and exciting, sometimes even introducing you to new exercises.
  • If you are in a winter wonderland location, find out about the winter sports in the area. If you normally ski or snowboard, try something new. See if the town you are in offers snowshoeing, bobsledding, curling lessons, dogsled racing, or ice-skating!

What’s your favorite way to stay fit when you’re on vacation?

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