Crunchy Snack Attack

  August 19, 2011  |    Blog

Tired of the same old snacks? Try this delicious recipe!

Recently, someone gave us the idea for these scrumptious roasted chickpeas, and we’ve been loving them!

Chickpeas are guaranteed to keep you full- they are fiber and nutrient packed beans after all- and there is evidence that a diet supplemented with chickpeas leads to less overall food consumption. One half cup serving of chickpeas has about 140 calories and tons of filling protein and fiber!

The recipe is SO simple!

Drain a can of chickpeas and rinse well with water and lay them out on a paper towel. Pat them down with another towel to dry. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. On a baking sheet, drizzle chickpeas with a tablespoon olive oil. Roast for 30-40 minutes until they are a deep golden brown. Remove from the oven and season with your favorite spices. Experiment with different tastes! You also can add a tiny bit of salt, but you shouldn’t need it if you make them our way below..

We’ve been making spicy chickpeas with cayenne pepper, but they’re delicious with anything! What do you reach for when you want something crunchy?

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