Icy Banana Dessert

  August 20, 2011  |    Blog

Our new favorite thing about bananas is that when they’re frozen they whip up into a healthy, iced treat!

Simply peel a couple of bananas, cut them horizontally into small coin-shaped pieces, and freeze them on a dish or in a container. After they’re frozen, blend in a food processor until completely whipped.

Voila! This makes incredible soft serve!

Once you’ve got the base down, try some toppings. Although we love the whipped bananas plain, a sprinkle of mini dark chocolate chips, or mixing in a spoonful of peanut butter for some healthy fat also is a great way to enjoy it, as well.

It also tastes great with chopped fruit, like strawberries. For an extra fiber boost to keep you full, try some raspberries! This creamy dessert is a great alternative to high-fat, calorie packed ice cream. It’s even nutritious enough to eat as a snack!

What’s your favorite healthy summertime icy treat?

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