Another Reason to Love Chocolate

  August 22, 2011  |    Blog

We’ve all heard it before: dark chocolate has beneficial antioxidants and nutrients. Sometimes we’ll take any excuse to indulge in some chocolate, right? But new research from the University of California, San Diego, claims that epicatechin, a flavanol compound in chocolate, caused a 50% increase in the stamina of mice when exercising. It also contributed to greater muscle growth/strength, and overall improved cellular health.

If you’re like us, we think this chocolate discovery is exciting news and we’ll be hoping that more research continues to confirm these findings!

To safely put this research to the test, as a pre-workout snack, mix a handful of almonds with a tablespoon or two of mini dark chocolate chips. You can also throw in some raisins or air-popped popcorn to make a trail mix! The fat, protein, and little bit of sugar from the dark chocolate is perfect to keep you energized through your workout. Tastes good, and is good for you too. Do you have a favorite pre-workout snack?

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