Get Outta the Rut!

  September 11, 2011  |    Blog

We’re thinking about…diet and exercise ruts

The seasons changing so now is the perfect time to think about changing things up to keep it fresh.

It can happen to all of us- we’re busy, we get caught up in the same routine day in and day out, and suddenly what used to satisfy us just doesn’t cut it anymore! So what do we do?

First, add some variety to “shake up” that same old diet. We love to use websites like or to find new and exciting ways to shake up our meals. Plug in the basic ingredients you have on hand to these search engines, and you’ll get tons of new recipes to add to your repertoire! No more excuses for eating the same plain, boring chicken every night! Thanks to sites like these, for us, the other night it was Chicken Marsala for Lyssie and Braised Balsamic Chicken for Tammy and her family.

Let’s face it, ruts aren’t just for diets. Ruts can make their way into your exercise routine as well. It’s been proven that your body adapts to exercise that you do too often, so the same thing that used to literally whip your butt into shape may not be able to tone you up anymore. We recommend adding in new forms of aerobic activity a few times a week- we’ve been loving the stair machines lately, which work muscles you may not hit on the treadmill. Or try some dance cardio instead of your normal running routine to get your heart pumping! If you’re a fan of the elliptical machine, why not try varying the incline and resistance to switch it up?

When you’re in a rut, what do you do to pick yourself up?

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