Sprouted Grains: A Nutrition Booster Better Than Whole Grains?

  September 18, 2011  |    Blog

We love our whole grains! They’re loaded with fiber and nutrients, but if you’ve walked into a health food store lately you may wonder about sprouted grains and whether they offer a boosted nutritional value. Here’s the deal with sprouted grains:

Even though you don’t necessarily think about grains as being seeds, they naturally will sprout and grow into a whole new plant. Although sprouting only occurs under the right conditions of temperature and moisture, its enzyme activity will begin to transform its starches into simpler molecules which can be more easily digested.

Sprouted grains also make vitamins and minerals more bio-available making it more of a nutrition powerhouse! Today some manufacturers sprout their grains, which start enzymatic processes, and then use the grain to make their products. You can find sprouted grains in breads, tortillas, muffins and cereals. The health benefits of sprouted whole grains are increased nutritional value with vitamins and minerals like: vitamin C, B vitamins, folate, and even essential amino acids like lysine.

Current research shows a wide range of health benefits like reducing the risk of diabetes to reducing risk of cardiovascular disease. Try this new option for a healthier type of grain to improve your overall health!

What ways can you incorporate sprouted grains into your meals? Will you try them as side dish of sprouted rice, use sprouted flour the next time you bake, or make a sandwich on sprouted bread?

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