Eating on Vacation

  September 28, 2011  |    Blog

One of the hardest times to find healthy and nutritious food is when you’re on vacation. We’ve always found this to be the case–whether we’re lying on the beach or skiing down mountains, vacations always seems to have a way of making it challenging to eat as properly as we do at home. We accept this, however we know that just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean it’s okay to ruin your eating habits! After all, who wants to come home from vacation feeling bloated, heavy and possibly constipated? Not us!

Eating while on vacation is all about planning in advance and making the best of what you have to work with.

When we go away, we pack snacks to eat throughout the vacation. Meals are very hard to pack but snacks that won’t spoil are great! This way, you can control your snacking and not worry about where you can go to eat! We pack homemade trail mix, seal-packs of tuna and salmon (easy to open foil packs are great), a jar of peanut butter, and some whole wheat crackers and high-fiber whole grain bars. If you’re snacking on something healthy, it helps to keep you on track so that you are more likely to be sure the rest of your meals are healthy as well.

Also, if your hotel room has a fridge, we recommend buying some of the essentials to last you for the length of your vacation. Try your best to go to the local grocery store or market and buy some fresh fruits, fresh veggies, fiber rich cereal, skim or low-fat milk, and fat-free yogurt. Having these on hand will allow you and your family to snack healthier and start your day off on the right foot!

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