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  October 8, 2011  |    Blog

Wanna make all that healthy eating pay off with a toned, fit body?! Today, let’s talk about Abs! By keeping your sodium intake low and staying away from alcohol, calorie-dense foods and saturated fats that can cause bloat and a spare tire and doing the right exercises, you’ll be able to show off a flat tummy in no time!

Sarah Jessica Parker is somebody who comes to mind when we think of great abs. Here’s three ways to get those abs in ship-shape, like our favorite Sexy Lady in the City.

  1. Criss-cross
    Lie flat on your back.
    Place your hands behind your head at the base of your skull.
    Make an L-shape with your knees above your hips and shins in a table-top position.
    Curl forward and extend one leg, twisting your elbow, shoulders and ribs to the opposite, bent knee.
    Switch sides 20X.
  2. Pilates 100s
    Start in the same position as the Criss-cross but with hands reaching forward by your sides.
    Curl up and begin taking small, controlled pumps with your arms breathing in for 5 counts and out for 5 counts.
    Stay up until you’ve taken 10 full breathes…that = 100!
  3. Make a playlist of three of your favorite pumped up tunes. Turn up the volume and challenge yourself to crunched until song 1 is finished. Rest and stretch for song 2 and then try to get all the way through song 3 with crunches again. Build up to it, it’s worth it.

Happy now, flat tummy?

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