The Water Bottle: Never Leave Home Without It!

  October 13, 2011  |    Blog

We travel often and are always looking for savvy ways to make the journey a little more comfortable. We tend to get antsy. Our bodies just don’t like to be sitting for so long—we get stiff and uncomfortable.

Over the years we’ve learned that one of the best things that we can do to make our bodies feel better during the hustle and bustle of travel is to stay hydrated. It is so easy to forget about thirst when there are so many distractions The dry cabin atmosphere of planes doesn’t help matters and can really make you parched.

So stay hydrated to keep the blood and oxygen flowing freely throughout your body. Even if you can’t move the way that you do when you aren’t cooped up in a plane, you’ll feel a lot less stiff and a lot more energetic.

We always carry a refillable water bottle with us to meet our hydration needs and find it very useful to be able to empty it before we pass through TSA and just refill it up in the airport. These days you can find water bottles with built in filters to feel safer about drinking from water fountains.

When you stay hydrated you feel better and keep your immunity strong, so it will be easier to resist falling prey to any “bugs” you may come across. Mild dehydration can leave you feeling tired, give you the sensation of being hungry, and can even give you a headache. Obviously, neither are fun, especially when you are traveling.

If you are worried about taking up too much space in your bags, there are soft water pouches available which roll up nicely in between fills. They can usually be found with the camping gear section at your local stores. Be sure that your bottle is BPA free so that you avoid any possible carcinogens.

Remember: To stay refreshed on the road keep water handy for when you thirst calls! And you can feel good about getting a refillable bottle since you will be helping the environment by keeping plastics out of landfills and our oceans.

Which refillable water bottle do you like to use…the metal, plastic bottles or some other kind?

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