One Of Our Best Workout Tools On Go…Resistance Bands!

  October 13, 2011  |    Blog

No more excuses for skipping a workout when traveling! Hello, resistance bands! These are compactable, light weight and make for a great workout and they should always have a spot in your suitcase!

Finding the appropriate resistance is important to ensure you’ll get a workout that suits you. Each color band is associated with a different tension. Instructional DVDs will teach you a lot of great moves that are simple yet effective to do in your room. They work great when hooked onto a door knob or around a post, especially when trying to work out those hard to reach back muscles.

Using these bands is a great way to incorporate resistance workouts into your routine, which is important for building lean muscle tissue and increasing your bone strength and metabolism. Plus you not only burn calories during the workout, but also after, when your muscles repair from the workout! Putting resistance on your bones make them stronger preventing osteoporosis in the long run.

So, no more excuses about not having time to work out when you’re traveling, just a couple minutes each day in the morning or evening will help keep you keep in shape when away from home and your regular routine!

What’s your favorite resistance exercise you like to do with or without the bands?

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