Need a little something extra to avoid the flu? Try this!

  October 16, 2011  |    Blog


Vitamin D has been getting a lot of attention recently. Many of our clients have reported that they have been tested by their doctor and their blood levels are low. In fact, so many people were coming up with low vitamin D levels that last fall that the daily recommended vitamin D intake was increased from 400 IU/ day to 600 IU/day. It’s critical to get enough Vitamin D since it helps to keep bones strong by enhancing calcium absorption. Also, research shows that a deficiency in vitamin D has been linked to certain diseases.

Studies show that people with adequate levels of vitamin D are less susceptible to disease than those with low levels. Although researchers are still trying to uncover a direct correlation between the two, they believe that vitamin D is beneficial for the immune system. Although vitamin D is the one vitamin that we can get from exposure to sunshine, it’s hard to get it as we start bundling up for the winter months, making it even more important to get it from our diets.

So be sure to get your vitamin D to boost your immune system and beat those pesky flus and colds!

Here are some great sources of foods rich in vitamin D:

  • Cod liver oil
  • Fatty fish like herring, salmon and mackerel
  • Vitamin D fortified milk, margarine, cereals, and orange juice.
  • Oysters
  • Button mushrooms
  • Sunshine, with about 10-15 minutes of exposure during the summer months.

How do you get your Vitamin D? Do you have any tricks to keep your immune system strong?

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