It’s Halloween!

  October 22, 2011  |    Blog

As fall starts to come into full swing, we can’t help but be super excited for one of our favorite holidays, HALLOWEEN! As kids we used to love to trick-or-treat and now with children and nieces of our own, we are so excited to share this fun day with them. But don’t get too scared, just because it’s halloween doesn’t mean we feed them with endless amounts of candy and unhealthy snacks!

There are so many quick, easy, and healthy Halloween alternatives; just handing out candy is the easy way out and not to mention not very fun to make! But to keep your kids (and yourself!) on the right track at home, try two of our favorite healthy Halloween alternatives!

Get ready to enjoy delicious treats and maybe even scare your little ones!

1.) Carrot Fingers

What do you need?

one long carrot, three medium length carrots, one shorter length carrot, sliced almonds, low fat cream cheese, fat free veggie dip

How do I make it?

Put a small amount of cream cheese on the end of the carrot. Attach one almond per carrot (for fingernail!) where the cream cheese is. Place as much veggie dip as desired in a bowl. Line the carrots along the middle of the bowl so it looks like a hand is reaching out the middle!

Less than 200 calories for the entire bowl!

2.) Apple Bites

What do I need?

one apple for every four children (the kind of apple doesn’t matter!), an apple corer, a bag of slice almonds

How do I make it?

Core the apple and cut it into quaters. Cut a wedge out of the skin side of the apple, to look like an open mouth. Place almonds along the top and bottom to look like teeth. Be careful, they may bite!

Less than 40 calories per apple slice!

Enjoy the recipes! We hope your children love making these treats as much as they love eating them!

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