What are Prebiotics?

  October 30, 2011  |    Blog

What are Prebiotics?

Last week we talked about probiotics, but there is another key component we should be adding to our diets… prebiotics. Prebiotics are actually indigestible to humans, since it’s a type of fiber, but it helps us by nourishing the probiotics (good bacteria) in our digestive system.

Good bacteria in our gut help us to digest food and even helps us to make vitamin K. When we eat lots of fiber our bodies make prebiotics and the probiotics in our bodies grow.

What should you eat to feed the healthy bacteria in your gut? Prebiotics! Sources of prebiotics are: Inulin which is found in root vegetables like onion, garlic, leeks, artichoke and asparagus. Also, include fiber from oats, barley and apples in your diet to get prebiotics.

Making sure you get enough probiotics and prebiotics in your diet is important to staying healthy and feeling great. Next time you get a side of asparagus or artichoke, remember you are not only nourishing yourself but also nourishing your intestinal flora!

What’s your favorite way to make artichokes, asparagus or leeks?

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