Fall Chores

  November 3, 2011  |    Blog

With fall here and winter right around the corner, there are a lot of labor intensive activities we must perform in order to maintain our houses, yards and sidewalks. The thought of them can be daunting, but we like to put a positive spin on these chores by thinking about all the calories we’ll burn while doing them. Below is a list of some common fall activities and how many calories, on average, a 150 pound person will burn per half hour while doing each of them.

  • Raking leaves – 149 calories
  • Bagging leaves – 149 calories
  • Mowing the lawn with a push mower – 167 calories
  • Chopping and splitting wood – 223 calories
  • Carrying and stacking wood – 186 calories
  • Shoveling snow by hand – 223 calories
  • Pushing a snow blower – 167 calories
  • Food shopping with cart – 130 calories
  • Cooking – 93 calories

We added cooking and food shopping because we feel like we spend extra time on those activities during the holiday season! Do you like to think of your fall and winter chores as extra ways to squeeze in a workout?

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