It’s Freebie Friday! Veggie Patch!

  November 24, 2011  |    Blog

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and in just a couple of days you’ll be completely “turkeyed out” and want nothing to do with turkey or any of the heavy Thanksgiving Day foods. You’ll be ready for some lighter, less greasy fare.

It’s perfect timing, it’s Freebie Friday and today’s raffle is for Veggie Patch!


Veggie Patch has an entire line of meatless products that are trans-fat, cholesterol and GMO free. Plus there’s no artificial flavors or preservatives, so it’s just the thing to help you to feel as though you’re cleansing your body from all of the Thanksgiving over-indulgences!

Here are just a few of the options Veggie Patch offers (Yum, simply delish!):

Falafel Chickpea Balls
Broccoli Bites with Cheese
Meatless Meatballs
Veggie Dogs
Ultimate Meatless Burger


Leave a comment here, on our Facebook page or on twitter using the hashtag #NTVeggiePatch about how you plan to get back on the healthy eating track and be entered in the raffle to be one of two lucky winners to be selected to win two free Veggie Patch products! Be sure to leave your comment before November 30, 2011 at 8pm EST!

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