Get Your Kids in the Kitchen!

  November 27, 2011  |    Blog

As hard as it sometimes is to get kids to eat healthy foods, it’s extremely important to start them eating healthfully as early as possible. When kids learn to eat nutritious foods at a young age, it becomes a habit, not a hassle. One of the easiest ways to do this is to get your kids involved in the food they eat. Tammy always has her daughters start dinner with veggies. They help wash them and bring them to the table. And then they like making funny faces as they eat them (This part is completely optional 😉 )

Bring your kids to the supermarket and have them help you pick out the food. When you get home, let them help you cook! Everyone wants his or her very own sous-chef! Getting them involved will increase the chance they’ll try a new, healthy food, or just eat the ones you’ve been exposing them too for a while! Tammy’s daughters love to count out the mushrooms, snow peas and peppers and drop them in the bag.

Don’t have the time to shop? Go online! Kids are quite adept when it comes to computers. Try online supermarket websites to order food. Let your kids choose the foods from a list of healthy options. Really have them take part in the ordering process.

Although having kids in the kitchen can be dangerous, there are definitely things they can do that are safe AND helpful. Allow them to wash produce (as Tammy does), or prepare without cutting. Cooking green beans or asparagus? Let them snap off the ends! If you’re using mushrooms in your meals, allow them to wipe them down before you cut them. Show them how to tear lettuce to prepare a salad!

Have you tried to get your kids to help you in the kitchen?

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