Exercise Outdoors..The Smart Way!

  December 12, 2011  |    Blog

As the weather gets nippy, we tend to hunker up indoors. However, even in the winter there are still some days that are relatively nice outside so there’s no need to retreat to the gym. If you prep yourself wisely, you can have a great workout outdoors and gain the benefits of some fresh air.

Need more reasons to go outside?

It keeps the Winter Blues Away! Don’t just sleep in late and complain about the weather. Get outside and let the brisk air and sunshine lift your spirits and boost your mood. Being outside in the cold actually increases the calories you burn and will get your blood flowing. By improving your circulation you will continue to keep warm all day and night!

Tips for being outdoors in the winter:

  • Bundle up correctly- Running gloves and ear covers are a must. Protecting the most vulnerable areas is so important while exercising in cold. Be sure to layer up, but opt for clothing that wicks moisture away, so you do get damp and wet. Try to avoid wearing cotton or wool. Wind resistant clothes are also a must. We know it will sound silly, but silk as an under layer does a great job in keeping you warm during the cold months!
  • Go for short loops around the neighborhood, instead of your longer routes. This will protect you from getting caught in some bad weather should the weather take a turn for the worse. Also always carry some form of ID and a credit or debit card just in case of an emergency!
  • Mixing up your routine is not a bad idea during the winter months. By allowing some time to recoup from the past year’s exercise regimen, you can really work on your areas of weakness. Try some strength training exercises or improve your flexibility and core doing pilates or yoga. Spinning is also a great way to keep up your aerobic endurance, if you still rather stay inside and haven’t been convinced to brave the cold!

What kind of exercise do you do in the wintertime?

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